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McKissick whips wood at a South Carolina GOP match.

“Drew is a scoundrel,” Wood, without evidence, told many of his followers on Telegram before the vote. “If he ‘won’ today, he would be a fake president, just like Biden was a fake president! “

After the vote, Wood went to McKissick to tell the truth on a recent forum where he admitted Joe Biden was legally elected president: “ Congratulations Drew ‘Biden Won’ McKissick. Drew was awarded a representative at the establishment that created the election. I was awarded a We The People Drew award, so it will learn that all the power belongs to We The People. ”


7;s ongoing assault on McKissick against McKissick, where he litters with dark satire. But vague has raised concerns about Republicans in the past because Wood attracted a crowd of hundreds of conservatives, who, although not delegates, were able to undermine the party’s leadership and spread. have Conspiracy theories in his event featuring National Security Adviser Mike Flynn and My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell, are involved in the Q-Anon movement.

Wood, a reputable defamation attorney, has tried to show McKissick has not done enough to support Trump after the November election, although McKissick received Trump’s endorsement twice after. That Wood attends the final race on Friday, while Wood tries to question the veracity of the endorsement.

McKissick abolished the main party of the state in 2020, allowing Trump to accept his representatives with no objection.

South Carolina attaches great importance to the main calendar as it is the first of its kind to be held in the South.

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