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McLaughlin breaks the 400m hurdles world record.

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Sydney McLaughlin looked to her left, saw the number “51.90” and knew exactly what it meant.

She put her hands on her head, covered her mouth and looked at the night sky.

The 400 meter hurdles world record is now hers.

On Sunday night at the U.S. Olympic track testing, McLaughlin finally defeated Dalilah Muhammad to secure the victory and recorded that Muhammad still grabbed every match.

McLaughlin broke the 0.26 second record and defeated Muhammad 0.52.

It was a blow to what was touted as the best race of the 1

0-day encounter at Eugene, but it has produced the best race in Tokyo. In addition to the unexpected The competition will take place on August 4 with an Olympic gold medal in line.

“Just real faith and trust in the process,” McLaughlin said when asked to explain her progress.

McLaughlin is a 21-year-old who broke into the scene five years ago, telling a story about her multitalented abilities. This includes juggling and motorcycling. and doing both at the same time

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Her 51.90 broke the record set by Muhammad two years ago when they competed at the World Championships. A few weeks earlier, Muhammad had set a world record by defeating American-born McLaughlin. Crazy part: 52.23 McLaughlin’s world run would have been a world record had she run before Muhammad started writing a new book that season.

Over the past five years, McLaughlin has gone to Bobby Kersee, coaches who have benefited the most from Allyson Felix, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Florence Griffith Joyner, among others.

He put McLaughlin on a new plan – keeping her focused on form and running a shorter obstacle course.

McLaughlin said, “It’s a trusting process. And there are things that you really can’t see “But having a childlike faith In trusting everything will work. Bobby is really good at that.”

Muhammad has been slow moving this year. She said she couldn’t stop 55 seconds at the start of the year. “So getting 52 seconds feels good.”

“Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise,” she said.

Only time will tell. but not too much time

“She definitely pushed me,” Muhammad said. She then turned to McLaughlin and said: “Congratulations, world record holder. It will definitely be a fight in Tokyo.”

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