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Measures to prevent covid-19 Overcome the common cold — maybe we should wear a flu mask.

Pennsylvania recorded just 21 flu-related deaths and fewer than 4,000 confirmed cases during the flu season that had just ended.

These are much less common than the typical flu season, when up to 2,000 Pennsylvania residents die after falling ill with the flu. Only 45 are hospitalized with the flu during Penn’s flu season. Sylvania which officially ended on May 22

Officials believe the drop comes from the record number of people vaccinated against influenza. as well as employing strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-1

9 such as wearing a mask. Wash your hands often, stay home and refrain from shaking hands.

Those strategies have proven to be very effective. So that people who know they have influenza in the future may want to wear masks and avoid shaking hands, said Ray Barishanski, the state’s deputy undersecretary for health preparedness and community protection.

Barishansky said the procedure “Including wearing masks is something we should consider personally as we move forward after COVID-19.”

He noted that Pennsylvania has no plans to use masks to deal with the flu.

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Barishansky said, “I don’t believe it’s possible” that flu cases and deaths count toward the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths in Pennsylvania.

He noted that there are separate tests for each disease. When people with both symptoms are admitted Health care providers should test both, Barishansky said.

As of Friday, Pennsylvania had approximately 1.2 million COVID-19 cases and 27,187 deaths from COVID-19.

Citing statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Barishansky said a record 193.8 million doses of the flu vaccine were distributed during the last flu season. which hit a record high of 176 million previously.

Flu season officially lasts from September 27 through May 22 in Pennsylvania.

Barishansky said the state health ministry does not monitor flu vaccinations in the state. So he doesn’t have a unique number for Pennsylvania.

Cases of influenza, the common cold and similar illnesses declined across the United States during the pandemic. This is largely due to factors such as people working from home and schools being closed.

Health experts say a potential downside: Regular exposure makes people immune. even through touch that doesn’t make them sick It is possible that the recent lack of exposure will cause the illness to return after life returns to normal.

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