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Meet a Long Island CVS employee with a fraudulent coronavirus vaccination card.

EAST GARDEN CITY, Long Island (WABC) – A CVS employee faces charges after police say he was found with a fraudulent vaccine card on Long Island.

The arrest happened around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday in East Garden City, where police investigating drug trafficking found a man sitting in a gray Mazda car while the engine was running.

The man, 21, Zachary Honig, got out of the car as officers approached and after they asked for identification he saw a brass knuckle in the car as he opened the passenger door.

Inside the car, 62 COVID-19 controlled substances and vaccination cards were found.

They said eight entries were filled, with only the “name” part empty, the other 54 were empty.

Some people dated last week, while some people dated for the next 30 days.

Officials said he planned to share it with family and friends, and according to court documents, he admitted selling to students so they could go back to school.

“His intent is to share with family members and friends so they can enter the venue and possibly use them at school when they return in September,”

; said Patrick Ryder, commander. Nassau County police said. “You can’t have a scam like this going on. The idea of ​​getting us all back to normal is when you walk into a place and they need that card. It is factual information “

New York Tech’s Dr. Brian Harper says counterfeiting of a COVID vaccination card is painful for everyone.

“A lot of us, as medical professionals and health workers, are going to use that card to decide how to plan to reduce the chances of contracting the virus, so you might get it from the system. But it ultimately negatively affects the whole community, ”he said.

Honig had no prior arrest and was charged with felony counts of counterfeiting, criminal control possession, criminal weapon possession and defamation.

“We are cooperating with the Nassau County Police Department investigation of employees at our CVS Pharmacy store at Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown,” the company said in a statement. “Following his arrest, we took immediate steps to terminate his employment because his alleged activities contradicted our values, our policies and our commitment to the compliance with the injection regulations. Safe vaccine “

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