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Meet the new Apple Watch world stopwatch face at WWDC 21.

With watchOS 8, Apple announced some new features for Apple Watch users, including a new Mindfulness app, photo sharing, and more. Naturally, every new watchOS ships with a new watch face, but this year Apple only showed a new watch face. The only ones are Portraits. However, one of the WWDC 2021 sessions revealed that there’s a new watch face that Apple hasn’t announced yet, called “World Timer.”

during the session The “What’s New in UIKit” feature highlights the latest updates and improvements to the iOS user interface framework. Apple shows a screenshot of the Watch app in a demo. This screen reveals a new watch face that the company has never announced.

A new watch face called World Timer shows a world map with time zones for cities around the world, mimicking some traditional mechanical watches showing the time zones of many cities around the world. Similar to the GMT watch that inspired the new watch faces in watchOS 7 years ago, however, the GMT watch only indicates the time of two time zones at once.


7;s unclear whether this global stopwatch face isn’t finished in time for watchOS 8 beta 1, or whether Apple plans to roll it out later this year with the next-generation Apple Watch and the official release of watchOS 8.

Last year, Apple revealed just two new watch faces for watchOS 7 at WWDC 2020, and suspended other new watch faces. for the September event This could indicate the company’s new strategy for launching new watch faces by announcing a new Apple Watch, rather than introducing it at a developer event. Similar to when the final version of iOS released more new wallpapers.

watchOS 8 beta is now available to developers. While the public beta will launch in July The final release is expected later this year.

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