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Meghan McCain Burns US Athlete Gwen Berry Over Anti-American Protest: ‘It’s Not About You!’

“The View” co-host Megan McCain set fire to US athlete Gwen Berry on Tuesday. from protests against the American flag and the national anthem during the awards ceremony at the US Olympic Trials. last weekend

In his emotional and violent rebuke, McCain denounced Berry for creating a potential national security risk by enabling authoritarian world leaders to deflect criticism from the United States. on how to treat their citizens more easily risking life by serving in the military and backed Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, in his attack after criticizing Berry.

“I just want to say that Dan Crenshaw is an American hero, he̵

7;s a Navy SEAL that made his eyes sparkle and he’s on the Navy SEAL team that kills terrorists and does incredible things in protecting our country,” McCain said in response to the attack. Attack on Crenshaw from co-host of Berry Criticism


“The problem I have is that this woman is doing this internationally. And if anyone just saw Vladimir Putin’s latest speech when he met with President Biden. He is using American propaganda as an irreparable vulnerability to us, saying: ‘Do you think your country is That’s great there? … You’re not treating your people properly. At the same time he literally imprisoned people,” McCain added. “And we are having enemies and propaganda. [sic] A dictator who uses our own propaganda that becomes a real national security risk.”

“My other problem is I don’t understand why we all can’t share our experiences in this area. or have our own story because for some reason My relationship with the flag is no longer allowed. my love for american flag My love for the national anthem,” she said.

GWEN BERRY An insult to the US flag and field stars. Protected by the White House

McCain tells the story of her father, the late Senator John McCain, telling her about his time as a prisoner of war during the war in Vietnam. She said one of her father’s inmates, Mike Christian, sewed a makeshift American flag into his prison uniform. so that he and his fellow prisoners may say their vows every day

“One day a Vietnamese captor found and beat Mike Christian’s shit to the point where his eyes and body were so severely injured that he could hardly move. And the second he can move again – you want to know the first thing Mike. Did Christians start doing it?” McCain said. “He began sewing American flags again in prisoners’ garments for his inmates to say their vows of allegiance and remember what they did and what they fought for in prison. for America”


“Sorry if I don’t think some of these athletes represent America in the same way,” she added. “I’m going to die on this hill that’s inappropriate or patriotic to go abroad where you should represent America. and act like it’s about you it’s not about you but about all of us.”

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