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Memorial Day weekend brings record three-digit cold, heat and storm.

If you have an outdoor plan, the best weather overall will be in the western United States and the southeast, with warm to hot temperatures and dry climates.

Northeast can be anything But it was dry during Memorial Day weekend. Two storm systems travel through the mid-Atlantic and land on New England, generating heavy rains.

The first storm will follow the northeast on Saturday, and it has continued to experience wet weather since Friday. There will be plenty of rain and thunderstorms in the mid-Atlantic, especially near the coast. During noon there may be a break between the two storm systems.

There tends to be more widespread rain in southern New England on Saturday morning, with torrential rain until late afternoon. There may be more rain on the coast before dawn. But flash floods are expected to be less of a concern, considering below-average rainfall this year.

Cumulative Precipitation Forecast for Northeast Region to Monday

Coastal flooding from this storm will occur Saturday night from Delaware through Long Island and Connecticut.

In the north, across northern New York State and northern New England, it is dry with some clear skies on Saturday.

Sunday will be another wet and ugly day to celebrate the weekend. The rain shield will stretch north at this time near the Canadian border in New York and northern New England. There will also be areas with more heavy rainfall, with a tendency to focus on the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia to Boston, as the deeper moisture flows across the U.S. East Coast.

This period of rain will be clear from west to east, with a tendency to end in the middle of most of the Atlantic Ocean by Sunday evening. This process is slower in New England.

West New England should be dry with some sunny skies by Monday, while eastern New England, particularly southeastern Massachusetts, rains will continue until the peak days. Remember on monday

The rest of the Northeast will be great on Memorial Day, with some cloudy skies making the weather nice, having a barbecue or a sports game.

Unfortunately, temperatures can get colder over the weekend, so for some people it might be better to be inside.

Saturday will be the coldest and highest temperature for many in the 50s only. These peaks are more common in March than the end of May, and temperatures are expected on the colder afternoon. Records in over 40 cities too, including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

Forecast high temperatures in the Northeast this weekend

The warming trend will begin early next week, so on Monday the temperatures will be closer to the average. But it remained 5 to 10 degrees below normal after temperatures were 20 degrees below average on Saturday and Sunday. Monday’s peaks will be in the 60s and 70s across the region.


The southeast region will have better weather this weekend compared to the northeast. But some parts of the region will still experience a slight thunderstorm.

Light rain and a second storm-related storm in the northeast could happen on Saturday in Carolinas, South Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. Some strong thunderstorms can occur in and near the Outer Banks, where the threat of damaging winds.

Rain and storms can be expected near the Gulf Coast, mainly Louisiana. Otherwise, today there will be some clouds across the region.

The good weather this weekend is dry and humid for everyone except Florida and the nearby coast.

Sunday is better across the region, with some sunshine and a little cloudy around it. The only chance it will rain in Florida and maybe a little afternoon thunderstorm.

Forecasts will remain the same for Memorial Day, with dry, sunny weather in the southeast, while thunderstorm risks will continue in Florida and the south of the screen. Jia

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Beach weather will be favorable for many, including the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Pensacola, where there is moderate risk for the tide this weekend, along the North Gulf Coast and Georgia to Carolina beaches. S

Temperatures will be colder than normal across the region this weekend. But below average at this time of year doesn’t mean it’s cold.

Saturday’s highs were 10 to 20 degrees below the domestic average, near the Gulf Coast average and above the east coast average. But the entire region will return to a similar average on Monday.

High temperatures forecast in the southeast this weekend

This translates to actual temperatures generally in the 70s and ’80s over the weekend. The highs are approximately 90 on the Florida peninsula.


Good weather was in store for this overall Midwest Memorial Day weekend. There will be occasional opportunities for a passing shower. But many places should be dry.

It will rain in eastern Ohio River Valleys and in western Minnesota on Saturday. The rest of the Midwest region is expected to be generally dry and sunny.

Sundays should be drier overall and the skies are mostly clear, making the weather nice enough to walk around Chicago. However, there will still be some rain in the upper Midwest.

By Monday, we’ll be watching some of the lights sneaking into parts of the Midwest, including in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota, while the Ohio River Valleys and the Great Lakes to the east are still fine. It will be a great day for boating on most of the lakes.

Temperatures are cool, generally over 60 years on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Ohio River Valley is colder than ever, with temperatures peaking in the 50s on Saturday due to drizzle.

High temperature forecast in the Midwest this weekend


Stormy weather will be common in some areas of the plains this weekend in addition to cooler temperatures.

Saturday there will be occasional rains and a slight thunderstorm will follow east across the northern plains. The area dries up in the evening, while thunderstorms scatter over the southern plains.

Some of these storms may be more intense, especially in southeastern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico, according to the Storm Forecast Center. These storms will continue Saturday night, posing the risk of flash flooding.

The storm forecast center's harsh weather, with purple shading indicates risk Saturday through Saturday night, and pink shading indicates risk Sunday through Sunday night.

Sunday will be a humid day with a chance of rain and thunderstorms extend more east to the southern plains, while the northern plains and most of Texas are likely to be dry and Good weather The risk of severe storms will continue for Eastern New Mexico and West Texas.

On Memorial Day, heavy thunderstorms will still threaten the southern High Plains, but some rain may spread into the Central Plains.

It’s important to keep an eye on the weather forecast and keep an eye on the radar this weekend, especially if you plan to host or attend any outside events.

Temperatures are cooler and will continue to drop over the weekend. Maximum temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees below the average in the plains on Saturday and 20 degrees below the Sunday and Monday averages.

This means that actual higher temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s for most areas only, except for southern Texas, where it will be in the 80s and 90s, much closer to normal.


Like the southeast, the West will be a region with good weather this weekend. Most places will be dry and warm as temperatures rise next week.

Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are generally sunny and beautiful, except for higher clouds that sneak in parts of the Northwest due to the storm system moving into Canada.

More likely to rain and thunderstorms in Colorado and New Mexico.

Saturday will be the “coolest” day of the extended weekend. But temperatures will remain 5 to 10 degrees above the average.Highs will be in the 60s and 70s, mostly for the Northwest, and 90 and 100 for most of the Southwest. Coastal areas are cooler due to the colder ocean temperatures, with the highest temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

High temperature forecast for the southwest this weekend

Temperatures will soar on Sunday, and by Monday there could be record heat in California’s Sacramento Valley when the highest three-digit increases.

Elsewhere, the highest temperatures are 20 degrees above the average from central California to the Pacific Northwest, meaning temperatures hit 80 and 90 on Memorial Day. The highs will remain in the 100’s for the Southwest Desert on Monday.

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