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Memorial weekend is marked as the first vacation with less stress from COVID-19.

Many Americans are expected to travel as the patient rate continues to decline.

9 patients continue to drop, vaccination rates rise and More and more Americans return to travel and visit with friends and family.

More than half of American adults have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and the incidence of cases has decreased significantly in recent weeks, easing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, travel advice and consolidation. Together in a group outside the home or with other fully vaccinated people.

The number of Americans hospitalized or died from COVID-19 was significantly reduced, plus positive signs that allowed authorities to ease restrictions across the country, and Americans sighed in relief. Since January, the average daily death toll has fallen 88% and is now stable or falling in all parts of the country. The United States has an average of 435 deaths associated with the coronavirus every day, which is the lowest daily death rate since March 31, 2020.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said vaccinated Americans can enjoy a safe Memorial Weekend and ask unvaccinated people to take action to protect themselves from infection or Spreading the virus

“If you get vaccinated, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, of course. You – we are all looking forward to doing what we love with our loved ones,” Walensky said. In the event too The US Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

“And if you’re not vaccinated, gift yourself this holiday weekend and get vaccinated so you can protect yourself, your family, and your entire community.”

Earlier, President Joe Biden said Americans could celebrate July 4th this year with their loved ones and without a face mask if someone was vaccinated enough that the virus was no longer a threat. go

Walensky said she was not concerned there will be an increase in cases after this weekend, as was the previous holiday, as it was the first time the United States had 50 percent of adults vaccinated.

COVID-19 patients hit their lowest in nearly a year this week.The new patient’s 7-day mean was down 23 percent this week compared to the previous period, according to the CDC.

More than 37 million people are expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, more than double the number of those traveled last year, according to a travel industry survey.

Unvaccinated Americans or families traveling with an unvaccinated child will be asked to continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations, including refraining from travel or choosing safer travel options, such as: Limiting contact with your family members or those who are fully vaccinated, shorter road trips or flights with fewer stops, and Staying in a rental house or cottage instead of a hotel

All tourists must still wear masks on planes, buses and trains.

ABC News’ Arielle Mitropolous contributed to this report.

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