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Memphis’ Penny Hardaway, serious candidate for head coach Orlando Magic: Sources

How will Hardaway feel in Orlando?

Josh Robbins, Magic Rhythm Writer: There’s no doubt that Hardaway’s presence will motivate and motivate fans. Having a well-known coach could help the franchise if the team continues to struggle in the early stages of their rebuilding as expected.

But hiring The Magic’s coaches is important for reasons other than creating a wave of popularity among the fanbase. The Magic has to develop a player’s nucleus.

Hiring a coach, like her or his assistant coach, must – absolutely necessary – create a culture of responsibility. Holding young players in charge is difficult in situations where teams are just starting to rebuild. These young players are always trying to position themselves in the pecking order and trying to get their next contract, which creates a barrier for the coaching staff.

What did he show in Memphis?

Robbins: Hardaway has received a lot of criticism for his tenure at Memphis. He said he had a good relationship with his players. And connecting with the players will be an important task for Orlando̵

7;s next coach. Clifford and his assistant coach connected with their players. Let those players buy according to their vision. and make the players responsible Clifford’s successors had to do the same.

But in many ways, the job of the next coach will be more difficult along those paths. The roster that Clifford worked with had the talent and experience to compete for the playoff spot. Magic’s current roster should be a few years away from that.

Who can become a serious candidate?

Robbins: Anyone in the report could become a serious candidate, including Hammon and Unseld. Most NBA insiders expect Magic to seriously consider LA Clippers assistant coach Kenny Atkinson, given Atkinson’s experience of being a hooligant. In 2016, he took over the Brooklyn Nets, which is in a similar position to Magic’s current situation.

Also, it’s important to emphasize that Magic may already speak to a large number of applicants. It is possible that the names of some of the applicants have not been made public.

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