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Mercedes-AMG GT and BMW 8 Series Shooting Brake Renderings redefine German style.

The Mercedes-AMG GT and BMW 8 Series remain the strongest symbols of the German automotive industry. They combine the most exciting equipment with V8 performance and insane price tag. But we often wonder why they offer a convertible version rather than a more different version, such as the brake body style.

We’re talking about the real firing brakes, not the wagons that pretend to be sexier, like the Mercedes CLS-Class.There’s something cool about the long bonnet that leads you to the box-style cabin instead of the sloping coupe. tilted

Of course, filming breaks is a very popular theme online. Over the past decade, we̵

7;ve shown you dozens, if not hundreds, of the sedans that have been converted into this bodywork. But it is quite rare that the luxury or performance market will welcome this type of car.

Of course, there is an occasional custom-built trailer from Zagato, but it’s rare that we’ll come across an ambitious project like the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, and in case you were wondering, this was quietly canceled last year.

Apparently, the German automaker was aware of the firing brake body style, although they were used exclusively on the glorified wagons. Despite the slow sales, Mercedes developed the second generation CLA SB, and Volkswagen quickly followed up with the Arteon SB, but few people remember Audi presenting the Audi TT as a double shot brake system concept in In 2005 and again in 2014

Proving once again that the wearable cars are more attractive than the real thing, display experts Sugar Design created this pair of machines based on Mercedes-AMG GT and BMW 8 Series.Having the same concept for the roof makes the difference between the two clear. The Bavarian supermodel looks fatter than a sports car and has more GT.

The gap is even more evident by the lack of sporty finishes on the base 8 Series compared to the aggressive AMG tuners, but there will be a real-world advantage for BMW if these are real. Will be available with AWD And maybe there’s a rear seat where you can use both the features you might want in the firing brake.

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