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Mets’ Jacob deGrom likely faces scrutiny after viral video

Jacob deGrom’s moves during Friday’s pitch may be considered more than usual. After the video went viral in recent days of the right-hander, the Mets went to the belt before the pitch and touched his glove.

The controversy comes amid MLB’s attempts to crack down on the pitcher who used a foreign substance with the ball, DeGrom, who has scored a 0.62 ERA this season. It is scheduled to meet the Padres at Citi Field, where the Mets will start a seven-game homestand.

DeGrom’s teammates rushed to his defense on Twitter after posting a video suggesting he was using the substance with baseball.

“I promise he won’t use anything,”

; captor Tomas Nido tweeted. “If he does, they’ll be lucky, even foul a tip.”

Adds Kevin Pillar: “I’m going to bet my paycheck that he doesn’t use anything.”

Jacob Derom
Jacob Derom

DeGrom has managed opponents to have one run or fewer in each of their nine starts in 2021, a record in the Major League to start the season. He fired seven shutout innings with 11 strikeouts in his final start at San Diego on Saturday.

Carlos Carrasco — despite feeling physically fit — has not progressed as quickly as the Mets had hoped, leading to the latest slowdown in his rehab following an MRI evaluation by Dr. David Altchek of a hamstring. His right, Carrasco, has been on the injured list since spring training. When he tore his right Achilles tendon

Team chairman Sandy Alderson said it was possible the right-hander wouldn’t be available until late July.

“I hope somewhere between early and late July,” Alderson said on the MLB Network. “July may be true now, but things have changed. What was true in April has not happened yet. So it’s hard to tell.”

Alderson added he did not expect Noah Syndergaard, who was shut down for his Tommy John surgery, to return before Sept. 1.

“What I hope is that we can get Carrasco back and then Syndergaard, but that will be a huge upgrade for our club at the right time,” Alderson said.

Friday kicked off a fierce start for the Mets of 33 games scheduled over 31 days leading up to an All-Star break for a total of three doubleheaders (against Nationals, Braves and Eagles). and the make-up game in Washington on June 28. The only remaining Mets are scheduled to close the day before the All-Star break is June 24, in the middle of the stands with Brave and Eagles

Pillar, who broke two homers with the Orioles on Wednesday, said his time on the injured list after he was thrown in the face with a pitch and broken nose last month was helpful in allowing him to focus on the ring. can swing

Pillar said, “Having a little time off left me speechless about rebuilding myself. But find peace of mind in the box,” Pillar said.

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