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Mexico farm sinkhole Swallow more land, trap 2 dogs.

A large sinkhole appeared in late May on a farm in central Mexico. It’s now bigger than a football field, which is 125 meters long at some points.

2; A large sinkhole appeared in late May on a farm in central Mexico. expanding larger than the fields began to swallow the house and locked the two dogs deep in the depths.

The government of central Puebla addressed the emotional needs of animal lovers on Thursday. Try to rescue the two dogs, who are stuck on a ledge on the side of a 50-foot (15-meter) drop in water.

“Responsible Spay and Spike’s Rescue which fell into a sinkhole in Santa Maria Zacatepec, is being analyzed,” the state government said in a statement. “Despite the risky conditions and taking all precautions But the dog was still fed.”

The sinkhole is now more than 125 meters deep in some places, and may be 150 meters (45 meters) deep at its deepest point. It’s hard to tell because the crater is full of water.

The Mexican government has sent soldiers to keep people 2,000 feet (600 meters) from the edge of the pit, which is 50 feet (15 meters) deep.

“It was a very difficult time for us. It hurts because this is all we have,” said Magdalena Salamigua Sopilacle, whose brick and briquette houses are slowly fading. collapsed into a sinkhole “Sometimes we feel sick from a lot of sorrow.”

Some villagers believe the sinkhole was the result of excessive groundwater extraction by local bottling plants or factories. But the bottom of the pit was filled with water that looked like a strong current. And the National Civil Defense Agency said experts think it was caused by something like an underground river.

“There is a high probability that the source is related to the presence of groundwater,” the office said.

Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa said experts were studying both possibilities. and if water extraction is the culprit He will revoke any licenses.

The bureau warned residents to stay away from the facility in Zacatepec, in Puebla state, east of Mexico City. When it comes to the risk of further fractures

“This is not a tourist attraction or a place to visit with your family,” the office said Wednesday.

Authorities have set up metal fences and police duct tape to deter eyewitnesses. and prohibiting drones from flying over

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