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Miami Building: Pool Contractor Builds 2 Days Before Collapse: Miami Herald

  • A new report from the Miami Herald highlights the alleged flooding in the collapsed Champlain Towers South.
  • The equipment room was so frequently flooded that the water pump motor had to be replaced every two years, the worker said.
  • In 2018, engineers noticed “Major flaws” in the building’s garage which is also related to water damage
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The equipment room in the collapsed Surfside Tower was so flooded that the water pump motor used to flush the water was replaced every two years, a maintenance worker recently told the pool contractor, according to a new report from the Miami Herald.

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1 people have died in the accident. And officials at Surfside said at least 150 people were missing.

According to reports, an unnamed swimming pool contractor by The Herald newspaper. had visited the building two days before the collapse. and was amazed at what he saw. Especially about the condition of the garage and equipment room in the basement of the building.

Although it may take months or longer to figure out why the building collapsed, but until now Expert testimony suggested the possible cause of the failure was from the bottom of the building.

The pool contractor noticed cracks in the concrete and noted that the amount of water flooding in the equipment room was abnormal.

According to the Herald, an employee who showed contractors around The building told them they were pumping water out of the equipment room so often that the water pump had to be replaced every two years.

“I thought to myself that wasn’t normal,” the contractor told the Herald newspaper, adding it was one of the worst water damage cases he’d ever seen. The contractor told the Herald that officials had not informed him of structural damage to the building.

The report added that below the equipment room The garage is also frequently flooded.

In 2018, an engineer conducting an inspection of the 40-year-old building found a “significant flaw” in the building’s garage. He said the water damage was eroding the concrete structure below.

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