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Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores confirms support for Tua Tagovailoa.

DAVIE, Fla. – The Miami Dolphins quarterback situation was at the center of the early-season news cycle. But when asked about it on Thursday, coach Brian Flores confirmed his support for defender Tua Tagovailoa and expressed excitement for his development this year 2.

“Tua received a lot of attention. But I think he has improved a lot over the course of the season. I’m excited for the future with him, ”Flores told ESPN.“ He’s a young player, a talented player and bouncing from the hip. I think it’s a big off-season. For him, the Year 1 to Year 2 jump will be just as important as it is for all newbies. “

Last week Dolphins general manager Chris Grier made it clear that there was no controversy about QB, saying: “Tua, we are very happy, he is our starting defender.”


Still, Tagovailoa remains the subject of questions, criticism and speculation after an uneven new season.

As Dolphins coaches and executives delve deeper into the offseason, which includes the ongoing search for offensive coordinators and Senior Bowl coaching opportunities later this month, they hope to step over the question and Into the future that includes Tagovailoa

“The criticism comes with territory in the NFL across the board, our team has done well, ignoring that, everyone who saw Dolphins this year saw us as a solid group and I think it still is,” said Flores. “The idea of ​​what kind of fracture there will be is overkill, I think there is a lot of support throughout the locker room.

“My message to the team is to ignore the noise and the people inside the building will tell you the truth. Without all the information, how do you decide what happened?”

Dolphins’ decision-makers remained convinced of Tagovailoa’s abilities throughout the season, the players revealed to ESPN with different opinions whether Tagovailoa or veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick gave them the best chance to win. But many teammates have publicly expressed support and optimism about Tagovailoa’s future throughout the season.

Miami has interviewed five applicants for the offensive coordinator jobs that were left vacant after Chan Gailey resigned last week, and his top priority for hiring will guide its development. 2 years of Tagovailoa

Dolphins running back coach Eric Studesville, Dolphins QB coach George Godsey, Los Angeles Chargers QB coach Pep Hamilton, Pittsburgh Steelers QB coach Matt Canada and San Francisco 49ers game coordinator Mike McDaniel did all job interviews.

Tagovailoa has a lot to prove. He’s not good enough in terms of trusting his eyesight and playing off-project – represented by one of the lowest success percentages at 20 yards last year.

But Dolphins should, and will likely, be patient in allowing Tagovailoa to improve and evolve with more offensive and explosive ordnance and offense calling players that suit him. He plays the best football when he is allowed to play more freely using rhythm and spread packages.

Comparisons with Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow, who have statistically better seasons in different situations, help paint a sad and dark picture of Tagovailoa passing 64% of passes. For 11 TDs and 5 INT, but pedestrians 6.3 yards per stand-out effort. Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen has a 53% success rate, 10 TDs, 12 TDs and 6.5 yards per attempt as a rookie. Kansas City chief receiver Tyreek Hill admitted on “Inside the NFL” in December that he thought Patrick Mahomes was “trash” as a rookie. Both are among the AFC’s best QBs right now.

Dolphins clearly believe that development will take time and that Tagovailoa will be fine.

“We learned he was healthy, he was very agile, he was accurate in the Arizona games, he brought us back in the fourth quarter, he brought us back to the Kansas City games, he had not played in any other game, he had. “If he continues to learn, study, get healthier, get stronger, work on the foot and progress of his eyesight, and pick where he goes, I think we will. Will be happy with his improvement “

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