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Michigan Basketball is chasing after the championship and after dismantling Wisconsin it looks talented.

ANN ARBOR – Michigan finally lost a game.



There was no perfect season for men’s college basketball for over 40 years, and in the harsh Big Ten, Wolverine had to crash at some point.

At this moment, the wolverine looks invincible.

The most recent exhibit is Tuesday̵

7;s 77-54 win at 9 Wisconsin.As with many of Michigan’s last wins, this race has more errors than the points already pointed out. Michigan led by as many as 40 points.

The game follows a script similar to last week’s Michigan and northwest Michigan bombs.

If beating the third-placed team by at least 19 points, it appears to be some kind of statistic, ESPN says Michigan was the first to do so.

“Wow,” said Michigan coach Juwan Howard after being told the Nuggets “I hope we are not too high on that.”

Just as Michigan (11-0, 6-0) was playing, Howard knew it meant little. Several times this season, including on Tuesday, he mentions his desire to be the last team in April.

Wolverines’ championship goals seem to be attainable by focusing on the day-to-day grind.

Michigan’s motto this week is “Don’t be bored with the basics,” a quote Howard borrowed from Kobe Bryant.

Rotation was a problem for Wolverines. They committed just eight times against Wisconsin, the lowest rate to play Big Ten.They shared four different ball-wolverines between nine and 11 and scored an even number of goals and Turn simple play into highlights.

The dismantling of Michigan’s Badgers (and the Gophers and Wildcats before that) went beyond fundamentals.

Michigan scored 9 of 16 on Tuesday with six players connected from the depths. Wolverine intercepted five shots in the first nine minutes and ended up with eight rejections, their length once again disturbing their opponents.

The three-point lead at the end of the first half became 17 points at halftime, 22-0. A quick run in the second half made it explode.

Michigan has a killer instinct, and second striker Franz Wagner credits the coach for instilling that mentality, “We keep playing our game, whether we go down one or 25.”

Howard said he heard half of the players in the locker room warning each other not to give up to treat the game as if it were bound. “They are responsible for each other,” Howard said.

The big run could not have been without a stop and Michigan forced the badgers to do their most offensive performance of the season, said Wisconsin head coach Greg Gard that Michigan put the badgers on their heels.

Senior Michigan striker Isaiah Livers, who scored 13 points on Tuesday, saw Michigan’s defense potential in the summer during the fight. But it couldn’t be done, ”he recalled.

Badger shot just 31 percent.Five of the nine eventually made 3 seconds and four of the six free-throw attempts made in the final 10 minutes after Michigan pushed to 40 points.

After the win, Michigan moved up to No. 3 in the NCAA’s NET rankings, behind unbeaten peers Gonzaga and Baylor.

Howard was pleased with Michigan’s heaviness on Tuesday. But still see points of improvement He will receive compensation from that item before the next training.

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