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Michigan has the highest number of new cases of COVIDs in the country.

DETROIT – Michigan had the highest number of new cases of COVID in the country and had the highest rate of cases in the past seven days.

Michigan also leads the country when it comes to adults in the ICU for COVID-19, the numbers are still likely in the wrong direction.

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In Michigan, 63 of 83 counties found a double-digit positive rate increase last week. The data indicate that COVID spreads rapidly in young adults, and people ages 20 to 29 and 30 to 39 have the highest rates of cases.

Primary to upper secondary (K-1

2) schools are at the top of the epidemic site, with high schools being particularly problematic. There are also concerns about youth sports. Since January, basketball, hockey and wrestling have had the highest number of cases and groups, with 376 cases linked to basketball and 256 to hockey. This includes school and club teams and travel.


According to state data, hospitalization rates are doubling every 12 to 14 days.At this rate, Michigan is fast approaching its peak in December and spring last year. If the current trend continues, Michigan could surpass the previous high of hospitalization by next Monday.

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