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Michigan reports 7,800 more coronavirus cases.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Michigan reported 7,819 confirmed coronavirus cases and 73 deaths as the state’s third increase continued.

Of the deceased Announced on Thursday43 cases were discovered during a death certificate audit to count those that have not yet been reported to the state. These examinations were performed three times a week.

Michigan now has 723,297 confirmed cases Since the virus was first detected here in March 2020 and there have been 16,400 deaths.

On Wednesday, the lab tested 56,299 viral samples and 8,259 positive.The number of positive tests is not the same as the number of new cases, as there may be more than one test run. Additionally, the test numbers are from a single calendar date, while the number of new cases listed increases since the last time the state collected data. These two timeframes do not match.


7;s test positive rate was 14.67 percent, down more than 3 percent from the previous day. But the state also tested nearly 16,650 more samples than Wednesday, compared to the previous day. The change in the positive rate is generally inversely proportional to the change in the number of tests performed – as the number of samples increases, the positive rate should decrease.

Kent County increased five deaths for a total of 697, and confirmed 356 for a total of 55,910.

In addition, deaths have also been added in several western Michigan counties:

  • Berrien County: Two more deaths, totaling 235; 12,119 confirmed cases since the epidemic began.
  • County Branch: one more death, a total of 85; Total 3,755 people.
  • Calhoun County: 234 deaths; Total 10,138 people.
  • Kalamazoo County: 293 deaths; Total 16,204 people.
  • Montcalm County: One more death, including 90; Total 3,978 people.
  • Van Buren County: 91 killed; Total 5,473 people.

Wayne County was the hardest hit by the virus during the outbreak and was massively posted again during the deaths of 26 more, totaling 4,089, it also confirmed. Another 1,628 cases, totaling 119,978, the neighboring Auckland district had 82,299 confirmed cases (more than 1,036 Previous day) And 1,966 deaths (5 others), Macomb County had 73,792 cases (909 others) and 1,952 deaths (6 others).

Michigan has Nearly 5.7 million vaccines received. And nearly 5 million people are being cared for. Nearly 39% of the population over 16 have received at least one dose of the drug. The goal is to reach at least 70%.

The survey continues

Michigan has the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the country right now. No. 1 among states in both number of new cases and case ratesAs well as hospitalization and use of the ICU.

The average seven-day test positive rate is now available. 17.3%Close to six times higher than the 3% threshold showing control of community diffusion, the Saginaw area has the highest positive rate of optimism, currently almost 21%, driven by the high rate. Over 30% in the Huron, Tuscola and Sanilac regions in Thumb.

Southeastern Michigan to Thumb also had the highest patient rates. Throughout the state there are residents 20-39 years old. Highest case ratePeople over 70, who are likely to be vaccinated, do not become infected with the virus as often.

Hospitalization This increased roughly twice in the past two weeks, with people aged 60-69 most frequently required to be hospitalized.

“(Hospitals) are starting to reconsider their use of their surge plans,” said Elizabeth Hertel, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director, during a Wednesday update from the agency. Our nurses are well prepared to handle these power surges. We’ve seen them do it many times, unfortunately, and we’ll still be here to support them with whatever they want. ”

The mortality rate is also rising, although daily totals are still relatively low, especially compared to the spring of 2020 and the rise in autumn.

State response

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer did not signal restrictions on restrictions, she did not hold any formal coronavirus briefings from Lansing, where restrictions changes were often announced – in almost three weeks, though she disclosed. To the media at various times throughout the state, including when she Getting the first vaccine Earlier this week

In a statement released to News 8 on Thursday, Whitmer’s office said “Michigan maintains smart health policies such as mask enforcement and large-scale assembly capacity limits.” Proceed to increase the testing of the surrounding schools after spring. Break and for student athletes

“We continue to work closely with leading state healthcare professionals to track the trend of COVID-19 spread across the state. Unlike other states such as Texas and Florida that completely abandon public health protocols, Michigan maintains smart health policies such as masking and large-scale assembly capacity limits. We are still very much in this outbreak. But we have learned a lot about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones. That’s why all Michigan spiders have a personal responsibility to perform their duties by wearing masks, washing hands and keeping social distance to help slow the spread of the virus.

“The state is moving forward with plans to increase testing for schools, businesses and nursing homes. We have added the COVID-19 test and expanded the testing protocol for all student athletes. And we’ve added to our vaccine program over the past few weeks, helping us reach the historic milestone of four million vaccines in less than four months. The most important thing people can do is to get a safe and effective virus vaccine to protect themselves and their families and help us get rid of this virus every time. ”

Bobby Leddy, Secretary of News, Gov. Whitmer

The vaccine distribution, which is speeding up, gives government officials hope that the summer will improve and could lift the restrictions completely.

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