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Michigan Wolverines Basketball: Trice, Gard Impressed By UM’s Energy

The interruption will break … that’s what Michigan’s defense turned out to in the second year under Juwan Howard and Wisconsin were on the receiving end of hitting 77-54, which was not close to the final score.

It alone is to say something that brought the badgers in as Michigan’s No. 9 team used the 36-3 run to run Wisconsin out of the gym and lead by as many as 40 last time at the. 69-29 before stepping off the pedal

What looked like it would be a brilliant 26-23 game with six minutes remaining in the second half turned out to be ludicrous.UM scored the last 14 points of the second half and after Aleemfort’s three-point play. To start the second half, tearing 22 points to be discarded.

“They came out with a lot of power, a lot of fighting. They came out aggressive and we pushed back on our heels, ”said Guard D̵

7;Mitrik Trice.“ We never responded the right way and how we wanted it. ”

Michigan’s length was a problem for the badgers all night long. Head coach Greg Guard was upset that his players failed to get off their feet as taught, even though every match was contested in any way. And he doesn’t like the way his team decides to jump and shoot when the game starts to slide.

Wolverine is relentless and Wisconsin’s often unsurprised starting lineup of five is a tumultuous 20 minutes before the rally at the end.

“They put pressure on the ball very well,” Trice said. “They passed the lane, they were stolen; They make you feel a little uncomfortable and I think they did a really good job of doing that throughout the game. ”

Trice scored 20 points, but Wisconsin scored just 30.8 percent off the field.Game stats – defender Brad Davison dropped -34 in just 25 minutes of play, scoring just two points.

“I’ve seen them do that to the team over and over again,” Gard said. You try not to put yourself in those positions. But how do you respond to it? And that’s how frustrating is how we responded… not just there at the end of the first half. But also starting the second half

They weren’t aggressive enough, he said, noting they only fouled six times. Michigan struggled with his team and was relentless.

“When you fall that much, it’s just going back and forth and winning every four minutes,” Trice said. “I think the guys who were there, especially in the late game, fought there and put their hearts in it. But obviously we have to do that for 40 minutes, or you could just cut 40. ”

“They can make us strap on. We responded better when the game was out of hand, I think we could be more back to ourselves. But the turmoil in the middle and end of the first half and then in the second half I didn’t like the way we responded. In terms of aggression They care about us and we cannot respond to how we need to respond to it. ”

As a result, Wolverine continued to lose and hold their place at the top of the top ten.

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