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Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce join forces to create a COVID-19 vaccination app.

If you’re one of the lucky 10.8 million people who got the COVID-19 vaccine (roughly one in every 30 Americans), all you need to show right now is a piece of paper. But soon this may change.

A consortium of technology companies and health organizations announced Thursday that they are working on developing an app that will help people share their vaccination status, the New York Times reported.

Companies including Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic are currently building. “Vaccine Passport App” that helps people to create immunization status for work, travel and other activities.

A similar app is available for air travelers to show the airline they recently tested negative for COVID-19 to get on board.United Airline and JetBlue now share Common Pass with other airlines.

The Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) is launched to provide “a reliable, traceable, traceable and internationally recognized digital vaccination record,” the Alliance said in a press release. Digital record “It is urgently needed around the world for people to safely return to work, school, activities and travel,” the document said.

The goal of VCI is to give individuals access to an encrypted digital copy of their vaccination records. The coalition also said people without smartphones could accept paper printed with a QR code that contained their credentials.

The current Centers for Disease Control and Control’s COVID-19 report specifies the manufacturer of the vaccine, the series number, and the date of vaccination. But there is no federal system that provides easy access to online vaccination records.

“As the world begins to recover from an epidemic, electronic access to vaccinations, tests and other medical records will be vital to the next trip and so much more,” said Mike Sicilia, Executive Vice President of Oracle Global Business Units. It said in a statement, “The process has to be as simple as online banking.”

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