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Mike Nearman: Oregon House of Representatives oust lawmakers after video shows him appearing to tell protesters how to breach state capitol.

Rep. Mike Nearman, a Republican, was fired from the Legislature Thursday night by a 59-1 vote on House Resolution 3, a press release from House Speaker Tina Kotek said. Nearman was the only person without a vote.

According to the resolution, Nearman “engaged in disorderly conduct” during a special meeting held on December 21. It also outlined findings from independent investigators that found Nearman “deliberately assisted protesters in the Violate the Capitol security and gain unauthorized access to the Capitol. against injury and destruction of property.”

The resolution details a recently released video reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting, which appears to show Nearman telling protesters how to reach the state capitol. “With the help of someone inside”
; at that time, access to the Town Hall was limited to “Authorized personnel” only due to COVID restrictions.

The resolution also details CCTV footage which indicates that Nearman pushed the door open as he exited the building and walked around the protesters “who rushed past him into the building, followed by a second protester, which opened. many doors other protesters who rushed in too” on December 21

The protesters could be heard shouting, “Enemy of the State” and “Arrest of Democratic Governor Kate Brown” according to the resolution

“The facts are clear that Mr. Nearman coordinated and planned the Oregon State Capitol violations,” Kotek said in a statement released after the eviction.

Speakers called Nearman’s actions “blatant and willful,” adding that “He has shown no remorse for the danger to the safety of everyone in the town hall that day. with unusual circumstances This is the only reasonable way.”

The video appears to show Oregon GOP lawmakers telling protesters how to enter the closed state Capitol.

House Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner said Nearman “poses a real safety risk to everyone in the building. Especially with Jewish and Black Legislators, Indigenous Peoples of Color (BIPOC) and Capitol officials.”

In a letter on Monday referring to the video, The House of Representatives House of Representatives has called on Nearman to resign, saying, “Based on the latest evidence released about the events of December 21, 2020, we believe, as friends and colleagues, that we will not be able to do so.” for the best interest of your political party Your family, yourself and Oregon for you to step down,” CNN previously reported.

“We have to maintain higher standards in electoral life, and (Nearman’s) actions do not meet that standard,” House Republican leader Christine Drasan said in a statement to CN. N on Tuesday

CNN contacted Nearman and Drazan for comment following Thursday’s vote.

Nearman was the first member in legislature history to ever be expelled from the Oregon State House, according to a press release from House Democrats.

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