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Miley Cyrus was popular for teasing online with Elon Musk before appearing on the show ‘SNL’.

Miley Cyrus is outraged by participating in an online parody with Elon Musk ahead of her upcoming “Saturday Night Live” appearance.

NBC’s sketch comedy show confirmed on social media last week that Tesla’s CEO and pop star will be appearing in the late-night show on May 8, however, the announcement said. Not for fans of the NBC show, as many Twitter arguments to the billionaire Musk are not in the entertainment industry.

The backlash continued Wednesday when a fan tweeted a photo of Musk’s face that was Photoshopped on a screenshot from Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” music video.

“I came in like a huge iron ball that I had never hit so hard,”

; the message in the picture reads.

MILEY CYRUS SAYS She was recovered from ‘RAGER’, a textured image of her let loose at the bar.

Musk kicked off the tweet, writing, “Maybe something here, haha” and tagged Cyrus in the post, the pop star replied, “@elonmusk I’ll be down if you are! #MileyAndMusk To the moon! “

Fans were unhappy to see Cyrus’ ambiguous response to Musk online.

“Delete this, we’ll pretend we don’t see it,” one fan replied to the star.

“Miley, please, you don’t have to pretend you like him,” another wrote.

“No thanks, we just want Miley,” another said, criticizing Musk’s upcoming look.


Another Twitter user asked Cyrus not to “associate” himself with Musk.

“Bestieeeee is not too late to remove this,” another told the “Prisoner” singer.

“This is very embarrassing to Ms. Miley …” one person replied.

However, there are some fans who defend Cyrus, claiming that she He “had no choice” but had to be friendly with the founders of SpaceX.

“She has to promote when with them ….. She has no choice but SNL is making her do it. #MileyandMusk, ”said one person.

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“Miley is not the type of person who fears what others will think, why she is embarrassed, that is why we love her to the moon,” another argued.

“Elon is the best human we have on the planet, why is so hated, it makes no sense, it must not be educated about Elon,” said another defending Musk.

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Representatives for Cyrus, Musk and “SNL” did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment.

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