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Minutes back: Purdue – inside the hall

Thoughts on Losing 81-69 to Boilermakers:

Purdue problems continued.

The Hoosiers have now lost 1

1 of the last 12 to the Boilermakers, including eight hits.Tonight loss also drew Archie Miller’s IU record against the Boilermakers to 0-6.Four losses took place in Bloomington.

When Purdue took the lead 7-6 at the 16:48 mark in Mason Gillis’ second inning lay-up, Hoosiers never took the lead again. Every time Indiana threatened to cross the hump, the Boilermakers had the answer, Purdue fired poorly from playing the Big Ten as they attended just 30.8 percent of their five conference games. But this team had plenty of shooters and picked up the Assembly Hall tonight to host a breakout party.Big Ten Boilermakers did 11-of-17 (64.7 percent) from deep, including the 7-of-9 mark (77.8 percent) in the first half to. Set the tone Indiana didn’t go out to the gunmen. It’s early, and Purdue pays the Hoosiers.

Indiana made Trevion Williams only six points in the first half from 2 out of 5 shootings, but Williams came back to life in the final 20 minutes, hitting 7 out of 10 after a 16-point break, and although not as voluminous. But the 3-point shooting was still hot (4 out of 8, 50 percent). Indiana, on the other hand, had the worst three-point performance of the season.Hoosiers hit just 3 out of 18 (16.7 percent) in the second half. The IU appeared to have lost even a shot from deep as it required a single effort – Trey Galloway’s miss outside the final 1:19 of the match when it exploded desperately to try to get back into the match. Still, there were rough nights.The Hoosiers hit just 16 of 29 (55.2 percent) off the charity bar, the third worst hit of the season.

So this game is not too tricky: poorly shot and you won’t win many Big Ten games.

Indiana’s offense has remained the same throughout the season. This was especially true during a more than five-minute dry on the pitch in the second half, as Purdue took the lead to 67-56 and went 5:22, which pretty much made the game off. There is not much movement of the ball, cutting, or cohesion

After collecting victories in the past few races, Al Durham and Rob Pinise combined just eight points in three of the 10 shootings, Armaan Franklin returned to the lineup and scored. 14 points, but on an inefficient night The sophomore hit just 6 of 15 from the field and missed all five of his 3-point efforts, Purdue also burned Indiana on an out-of-play basis tonight, scoring many barrels on that track. 1.15 points per evening tenure

A crowd like Tonight will come up from time to time, especially from teams like Indiana that don’t count against a strong set of shots. But how it happened to Purdue at home didn’t look good. In addition, Indiana moved out of the top 30 in KenPom (No. 36) with a forward penetration of 57 and the top 20 defenses for the first time of all seasons (No. 22).

It was a tough night for Indiana basketball and the Big Ten schedule got even more difficult from here.

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