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Miracle of dementia is a drug that slows disease progression to be approved to cause. ‘Very hopeful’

The first drug shown to fight Alzheimer’s disease will be available on the NHS next year.

Aducanumab, if confirmed, can slow mental decline. It may be approved in the US next week.

Alzheimer’s disease affects 1 million Britons and kills Barbara. Windsor legend Alzheimer’s Research UK said there was “very much hope at the moment”.

Millions of Alzheimer’s sufferers are given new hope as the US ready to approve this new drug within days

If found to work by US regulators It would signal one of the biggest advances since the disease was discovered in 1906.

It is analyzing clinical trial data to see if Aducanumab impairs memory and thinking skills.

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Author Terry Pratchett is a campaigner.
Author Terry Pratchett is a campaigner.

Early results indicated a 22% slowdown in patients receiving this drug at baseline after 18 months.

The landmark approval decision by the Food and Drug Administration would indicate that UK regulators could green light the drug by the fall and present it to the NHS as soon as 2022.

Despite billions of pounds being invested over the past several decades. But so far, disease-altering drugs have not been shown to stop or reverse progression.

The only drug available can temporarily relieve symptoms in some patients. And this last drug was developed 17 years ago.

Aducanumab, developed by Biogen in the United States. It targets toxic proteins that build up in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients called amyloids.

Dr Susan Kohlaas, director of research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, told the Mirror: “There is now great hope in dementia research.

“It is very important that we begin to see early dementia therapies come through.

“This could be a very important step in changing the entire field of research.”

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Dr Susan Kohlhaas is the Director of Research at Alzehimer's research UK.
Dr Susan Kohlhaas is the Director of Research at Alzehimer’s research UK.

More than 50 million people worldwide live with dementia. and is expected to almost double every 20 years.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. and may contribute to 60 to 70% of all cases.

Dementia is a condition in which memory and thinking deteriorate. and about a million Britons have the condition.

It is estimated that the UK economy costs £26 billion a year. than cancer and heart disease combined.

Ray Wilson from England
Ray Wilson from England

There has long been debate about the cause of the disease. But those who die from this disease have tangled plaques in their brains.

Aducanumab uses built-in antibodies to attach to amyloid plaques and destroy them.

The trial was initially stopped last year when statistical analyzes indicated no effect.

But in October last year, Biogen reversed that position, citing a large dataset showing that in patients with first symptoms the dose was very high. will make the mind deteriorate slower

Hollywood star Charles Bronson
Hollywood star Charles Bronson

US regulators It has analyzed the extended dataset since then. and the expected conclusions will be reached within days.

Dr Kohlaas has called on UK regulators to take immediate action on Aducanumab, just as they did for the Covid-19 vaccine.

If it is approved by the NICE drug and health products regulator, it can take about a year before it decides whether to give the drug free to the NHS.

Existing drugs such as Aricpet increase communication between the remaining healthy neurons in the brain. Other available drugs include Reminyl, Exelon, and Memantine.

“They can help stabilize memory loss,” Dr. Kohlaas said. Unfortunately, they don’t work for everyone and over time their effects wear off.

“They help with day to day and for people it will be very helpful for those dealing with their symptoms. But these drugs did not slow down the memory loss over time that we see in dementia.”

The options available to the FDA are to reject Aducanumab, approve the drug, or issue conditional approval with a requirement to collect additional data through a new clinical trial.

It comes after more than 200 million pounds of drug trials to tackle Alzheimer’s disease failed or were canceled over the past decade.

Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

“There are many disappointing things,” Dr. Colaus admits.

“Of course, it’s disappointing that treatments go through clinical trials that don’t work. But that’s why we need more research.”

Sir Terry Pratchett, bestselling children’s book author He was initially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007 and campaigned for nine years to stop stigmatizing the disease until his death at the age of 66.

other public figures Those who will be diagnosed with the deadly disease include actress Barbara Windsor, actress Robin Williams, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former President Ronald. US Reagan

Despite fears that Covid-19 has ‘drained the brain’ researchers away from dementia But the pandemic has sparked optimism for the future.

Dr Kohlaas explains: “We hope we can cure the disease that causes dementia. And I think rationally

“With the right investment and focus we can do

“We can learn a lot from COVID. Just to see the impact it brings together the research community with a real focus and priorities from government. You will be able to make a big impact in a short time.”

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