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Missing engagement ring: Freedivers find ring at bottom of England’s largest lake

Independent diver Angus Hosking answered the call when couple Rebecca Chaukria and Viki Patel lost their diamond ring at the foot of a jetty at Lake Windermere in the Lake District in northwest England. Just two days after the engagement

The pair were photographing as the ring slipped off Chaukria’s finger on Monday, initially trying to use the photographer’s tripod to reach the ring. But it only slid into the mud at the bottom of the lake, Hosking told CNN in a phone call on Saturday.

Patel told CNN he panicked when the ring fell and tried to save it on his own, but the water “definitely froze” and he couldn̵

7;t see anything.

The engagement ring came off while Caugria and Patel were taking pictures.

Hosking heard about the couple’s plight through a friend and rushed down to the jetty as soon as he finished his work. The 21-year-old helped pick up trash from the lake for three and a half years and formed the Lake District Diving group with friend Declan Turner. him to fix the problem

This isn’t the first time he’s been asked to help with valuables in the process, and he told CNN he knows it can take minutes or hours.

“As soon as I lowered my head underwater Visibility was very bad. So I’m not sure. I couldn’t see anything,” Hosking explained.

“It’s just silt. Really detailed mud Even if you drop a penny It goes straight to the bottom,” he added.

Fortunately, after 20 minutes of searching with an underwater metal detector and false positives, Hosking picked up the ring.

Patel described Hosking as a “smart man” and said his fiance was “speechless” when he showed up with the ring. “Now you never take it off,” he joked.

Hosking said Patel “couldn’t stop saying ‘thank you’, he just kept talking. It was great.”

Patel had planned to offer on five different occasions – but they were all affected by coronavirus restrictions.

Patel said if the restrictions would allow him to invite Hosking to their wedding in August.

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