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Missing Florida woman talking on the phone with her husband, building collapses as

a woman Missing in the collapse of the southern Champlain Towers was talking on the phone with her husband after the outdoor pool collapsed and the line went off.

Cassondra Straton.via instagram

Rescuers have yet to find Cassondra “Cassie” Billedeau-Stratton, 40, who lives on the fourth floor of a doomed Surfside condo in Florida. When she frantically calls her husband and describes the huge sinkhole under the fourth floor unit. It used to be the swimming pool of the building.

Stratton recently met his wife. A native of Kenner, Louisiana, on Monday. When he left South Florida for a business trip to Washington, D.C.


7;m in Washington. Talked to her on the phone when the whole thing happened, at 1:30 a.m.,” Stratton told NBC News on Monday.

Stratton said he had his hopes with Israeli search and rescue teams. As they dug through the ruins

“Nothing new they just work hard More digging,” Stratton said of an ongoing search effort on Monday afternoon. “These Israelis are like digging commandos and they are doing what they do.”

He added: “They have a lot of people digging and scraping and all that.”

Stratton is a prominent Democratic political adviser and both live in Colorado. But they spent most of their time quarantining the plague at their Surfside condo.

“She was the funniest and most cheerful person you could imagine,” Stratton told the Miami Herald. “She is full of life. We are always doing something. There are so many interesting places to go in Miami and we’ve put them all together.”

Friends and relatives of the missing Louisiana residents say they still have hope after several days.

“She is still missing in the rubble of a collapsed building in Florida. please send love The positive energy, warrior energy, survival and fighting energy she gathered were all there,” friend Rashonda Gregory wrote on her Facebook page Friday night. “I still hope to have you in it.”

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