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Mississippi mother dies after surgery in Tijuana: report

  • Mississippi woman undergoing gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana Mexico has died, WLOX reports.
  • The report states that Markita McIntyre, 34, died while undergoing gastric bypass surgery on his sleeve.
  • Millions of Americans travel abroad for cheaper treatments.
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A Mississippi woman dies after having gastric bypass surgery on her sleeve in Tijuana. Mexico, according to WLOX.

Markita McIntyre, who was supposed to have surgery with her friend Francesca Moultrie, continued the procedure despite her friend’s decision not to.

“I talked to my friends throughout the process,” Moultrie told WLOX. “We talked every day. And she asks questions in the group every day. So she is very knowledgeable.”

McIntyre, a mother of three, should check in with Maltree after the surgery. but she never did Moultrie told the shop. McIntyre̵

7;s husband informed her that she had died.

“It’s terrible. I just want to speak to these women about the surgery,” Moultrie told the news station. “You guys are undergoing these surgeries. and they are not strong And it’s bad for your body. Don’t do it. It’s a wake-up call.”

As Insider has previously reported, Millions of Americans are flying overseas for lower-cost procedures known as medical tourism. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning about medical visits in other countries because of potential risks that can include low-quality care. Exposure to infectious diseases and bacteria that are highly drug-resistant and have the potential for blood clots from flying. after surgery

In 2019, the CDC said 11 people who had surgery in Tijuana had returned to a country with a rare antibiotic-resistant infection, according to CNN.

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