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Missouri woman has a rare allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. – We are learning about the first healthcare worker to have a severe allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cass County healthcare workers were shot by Moderna in late December, shut down and ended up with a ventilator. What happened to her was a reminder with important information that everyone should know.

Chavonya Littlejohn has a front row for the epidemic. She headed the patient access team at the Belton Regional Medical Center.After Christmas, she decided to get the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think it’s better to protect my family, I should try to do this,” Littlejohn said.

But, like many people, she was nervous.In 2019, Littlejohn had a severe allergic reaction to MRI Contrast Dye, along with what she reads in vaccine brochures, forcing her to wait a few days before getting vaccinated.

“My family has a question and I have a question. I want to do research, ”she said.

While she couldn’t find all the answers But she felt good enough to be photographed on December 29th, but within minutes, her breasts felt hot and itchy all over.

“I look at my arm and I’m like. ‘Oh my goodness’ it was red, so I decided one of the nurses down. Said Little John.

Littlejohn remembered walking to the emergency room, then saw a large group of doctors and nurses. She received a few EpiPen injections and then IVs.

“It keeps getting worse. My face is swollen. My lips were swollen, ”she said.

Everything turned black

She woke up more than 30 hours later, was put on a ventilator in an unfamiliar environment. Littlejohn was taken to a medical research center where she remained for three days.

“They certainly think it is an anaphylactic shock. What is anaphylactic shock?” Littlejohn said.

Littlejohn works with a national giant that specializes in vaccine injury cases.

The COVID-19 vaccine used in an emergency is currently not eligible for standard vaccine injury relief through court.

Your only option in case you get sick or die from a vaccine is to file it under what is known as The “countermeasures” also cut the time required for claims from three years with other vaccines to one year.

“You will not have a lawyer for you. You are about to fill out a form. They’ll look at your medical records, not the judge, just some administrators, and if they don’t think your injury is due to the vaccine, that’s the end. There is no appeal or way to bring an expert witness, which is what we do in regular vaccine courts, ”said Anne Toale, attorney for Maglio, Christopher and Toale.

Toale and others specializing in vaccine injuries are fighting to change that. But it’s not an easy process. There must be a layer of federal change.

In the meantime, Littlejohn is preparing to return to work. Even though you are past But she still wants others to consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Feel free and check your status. But I think the vaccine would be a good thing because it would help us as well as masks. It will help us get back to a more normal life, ”Littlejohn said.

Littlejohn has filed a report through what is known as VAERS, the federal vaccine adverse event reporting system. Anyone with a violent reaction should do the same.

What happened to her is rare. For reference, the University of Kansas Health System and Wyandotte County Unified Government Health Departments provided a 10,000-picture overview without any severe reactions.

“We don’t see it. That’s true. Vaccines – Pfizer, Moderna – Safe, COVID – are unsafe, ”said Dr. Steven Stevens, University of Kansas Lung Health Systems and Critical Care Specialist.

According to the CDC, anyone with a severe allergic reaction will not be eligible for a second dose of the Covid-19, Moderna, or Pfizer, so Littlejohn will not be vaccinated again.

Christine Hamele, a spokeswoman for HCA Midwest Health, told FOX4:

“According to a national simulation of the Centers for Disease Control report, adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine are rare due to the HIPAA privacy law. But below is our statement:

‘Throughout the COVID epidemic, our top priority is the safety of our colleagues and patients. Our vaccine clinics follow the precautions recommended by the CDC to help keep our colleagues safe, including on-site post-vaccination monitoring, on-site medications and equipment. (Such as epinephrine and antihistamines) and 24-hour access to ER services.

While the coworker does not need to be vaccinated. But our infectious disease experts and those at the CDC strongly support vaccination as an important step in protecting individuals from the virus. As recommended by the CDC, we also urge anyone with a history of allergic / anaphylactic reactions to consult their primary care physician before deciding to receive a vaccine. Anyone with an adverse reaction to mRNA COVID 19 vaccine or any of its components should not receive this vaccine at this time. ”

Moderna did not return FOX4’s request for comment on the case. However, the website warns anyone with a history of a severe allergic reaction should consult their healthcare provider before receiving the vaccine, and anyone with a history of polyethylene glycol allergy should not receive this COVID-19 vaccine.

Drugs containing PEG include acetaminophen laxatives. (Such as Tylenol), some antihistamines and opioids

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