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Mitch McConnell sent a letter to the Secretary of Education demanding the 1619 be removed from the federal funding program.

In a letter received from CNN, Republican leaders asked Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to abandon the curriculum in America’s schools that McConnell said was telling the history of America’s founding.
McConnell claims that these programs, such as The New York Times 1619 Project, “reoriented” the view of American history. “Away from the intended purpose on the political and divisive agenda,” Politico was the first to report on the letter.
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619 project has become a hot topic for conservatives across America, and politicians have fought the school district’s efforts to make it part of the history curriculum in public schools.

This project, launched by The New York Times in 2019, shows the history of America in August 1619, when the first slave ships arrived on the American shores and launched a heated debate about the legacy where slaves played a role in the creation of America. Especially As it relates to the treatment of black citizens

Republicans have mistakenly suggested efforts were made to deploy programs in schools across the country. Former President Donald Trump sparked demanding rallies during the 2020 elections, while some states, such as California, used the scheme as part of a learning plan. But the government did not direct or encourage schools to use the program directly as it does not play a role in program-specific planning in local schools. Most of those decisions are made at the state level.

However, the education department under Biden administration offered state and local schools funding programs that would incentivize them to use tools such as the 1619 program in their classrooms.

McConnell urged the education secretary to abandon the idea.

“Trained and convinced historians with a wide range of political views have refuted many of the factual and historical errors of the project, such as the bizarre and incorrect notion that slavery is a” bizarre “idea. The main driver of the American Revolution, ”wrote McConnell. “A well-known historian has called this project ‘wrong in many ways.’ This refuted contribution assertion asserts that your proposed priorities will not focus on critical thinking or history. That is correct But to feed the students is not appropriate. “

In an interview with CNN’s Ana Cabrera, Cardona said he had yet to see McConnell’s letter, but made it clear that the federal Department of Education played little role in course planning.

“The truth is that when we talk about curriculum, the federal government does not really play a role in curriculum development,” Cardona said. The secretary went on to say that decisions on including such programs remain in the hands of the local district.

“I am fully confident that educators across the country as they develop courses and lessons to ensure we have a wide range of perspectives on our curriculum so that students can see themselves in it. But it is done in a way that creates a community in the school. I am fully confident that educators will get it right. “

McConnell did not limit his criticism to the 1619 project.He also attacked a state-level program that he identified as illustrating the form of public schools that tried to instill children with liberal policy.

“Families are not asking for this divisive nonsense, voters do not vote for Americans, never decide that our children should be taught that our country has.” But inherently evil “

This story was updated with further developments on Friday.

CNN’s Lauren Fox and Betsy Klein contributed to this report.

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