Georgia representative Park Cannon was arrested Thursday after knocking on the door of the governor̵

7;s private office while protesting Georgia’s election overhaul. She was released from prison a later day (March 26).

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WASHINGTON – Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Senate, condemned opposition companies and sports associations for commenting on Georgia’s latest ballot law, warning companies should “stay away from politics”.

“I found it extremely discouraging to find a large number of corporate CEOs in the middle of politics,” McConnell said during a press conference Monday. Staying away from politics Don’t choose inside in these big battles. “

While proponents of the law argue that the change is necessary to ensure electoral safety, voting supporters argue that the law will discourage minority voters and lead To the “new Jim Crow” era in the state

over: GOP lawmakers have called for sanctions on companies that criticize Georgia’s voting law.

‘That was their decision’: The White House walks on the MLB, moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta.

The bill adds additional requirements for identifying voters to vote. Allows the county to choose whether or not to allow voting on Sundays. Reduce the amount of time that voters can request a missing ballot. Reduce time between general elections and run elections. And prohibiting the distribution of food and water to voters waiting in line within designated distances of polling places, among other reforms.

The bill has also come under severe criticism from national brands such as Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.On Friday, Major League Baseball announced it would move its July 13 All-Star game. From Atlanta by law

Lawmaker: The MLB’s decision will affect Georgia’s economy.

‘Against the Gospel’: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s tweet was hit by racism in an MLB backlash.

Republican comments in Kentucky mark the end of a week of escalating Republicans’ backlash against growing criticism by GOP lawmakers in Georgia and Washington threatening to retaliate against businesses opposing the agenda. Their policy

“@MLB caves to pressure and move the body & #AllStarGame out of Georgia. The same week, they announced a deal with a company backed by the #China-backed Communist Party. Why do we continue to listen to the hypocrisy of Are these organizations on tax, regulation & anti-trust? ”Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla wrote in a tweet.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, attacked Delta and United Airlines over the anti-law, calling the latter company a “hypocrite” who should “shut up”.

Georgia Republicans almost passed a law at the end of the legislative session that would make Delta, the state’s largest employer headquartered in Atlanta, exempt from taxes. Other Republicans have called for a boycott of Coca-Cola products, turning to rivals of soft drink company Pepsi Co.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said the actions by the companies were heartbreaking. But it is expected that it will be affected by the effects of the law.

“Just as elections have consequences, so so will the actions of the elected officials. Unfortunately, removing the @MLB All-Star game from GA is likely to be # 1 on many dominos to be. Knocked down until unnecessary barriers to restrict access to ballot boxes are removed, ”Bottoms wrote on Twitter.

On Sunday, 70 prominent Black corporate executives, including leaders of two Fortune 500 companies, protested the law.

“As black business leaders, we cannot sit still in the face of threats to our country’s democratic values ​​and allow the fundamental right of Americans to vote for whoever they choose to be trampled upon again,” the letter said. Co-published by Reading Group

“We call on our colleagues in Corporate America to join us in our stand for equality and democracy, without any concern. Each of us is ready to work with you in what you can and must do. “The management urged.

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