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Mitt Romney booed and called ‘Renegade’ at the Utah Republican convention | Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney shouted loudly at the Utah Republican convention on Saturday and called “traitors” and “communists” as he tried to speak.

“Aren’t you embarrassed?” The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that the Utah senators asked a group of 2,100 delegates at the Maverick Center in West Valley City. Mean, and you know I’m not the biggest fan of our last president. ”

Romney is a Republican. The sole voter is suing Donald Trump twice – to seek political filth with opponents from Ukraine and incite a deadly uprising at City Hall on Jan. 6, which he previously said. To support “Fight like hell” to support his lie That the presidential election was stolen by Joe Biden.

Six other Republican senators voted to convict Trump in the second impeachment.

“You can boo whatever you like,” Romney told the crowd at the Tribune, spitting, “like a lot of poison darts.”

“I’ve been a Republican all my life. My father is the governor of Michigan and I was nominated for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. ”

Romney, who will not face the 2022 re-election, is also governor of Massachusetts and is typically a member of the GOP establishment.

But the party remains in the hands of Trump and his supporters – according to a CNN poll this week, 70% of Republicans believe that the lie that Biden did not get enough valid votes to Will be president

At the Utah convention, the movement to blame Romney narrowly failed. Some in the crowd applauded and after Party President Derek Brown asked delegates to pay their respects, Romney ended with a plea to “come together in strength and unity.”

Other speakers faced disagreement among them, Governor Spencer Cox. He told the largely maskless crowd that he knew some people “hated” him for his COVID-19 mitigation measures – but instead convinced other moves, such as the ban on “vaccine passports” in the state government.

Private businesses in Utah can still ask for proof of vaccination.

In a series of attacks on Biden’s attempt to submit a new cost bill in addition to the $ 1.9 million coronavirus relief bill last March, another Utah senator, Mike Lee, said in a series of attacks. Johns addressed the Republican Party.

Congressman Chris Stewart told the crowd that Biden was pursuing an “radical socialist” agenda. He also said home speaker Nancy Pelosi was “very bad”.

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