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MLB hires Theo Epstein as advisor to the board of directors.

Major League Baseball announced today that former Red Sox general manager and Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein has joined the commission’s office as adviser to Rob Manfred, especially Epstein will focus on his efforts. in “On the field matters”, including (but presumably not limited to) the proposed effect of changing the rules, will trigger Bruce Levine of 670 The Score first reported (via Twitter) that Epstein, who stepped down from the position of “on-the-field”, said. He, along with the Cubs, earlier this winter will be nominated for a new post. Epstein turned his attention to other clubs interested in hiring him for his new baseball operations.

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“Theo is one of the most successful and considerate people in our sport,” Commander Manfred said in a press release. “I am grateful that he accepted our invitation to complement his continued efforts and provide a great deal for him. His insights into making the world’s best games even better for the next generation of fans. ”

From the moment Epstein stepped down from his position with the Cubs, there was speculation about his final position in the league.Epstein admitted at the time that he had an inadvertent role in destroying the aesthetics of the sport by Help be a pioneer in analytics that hinder game action. He has always been an advocate for expanding the reach and appeal of the game. Some have suggested Epstein may eventually be Manfred’s successor, although Manfred’s current contract runs until the 2024 season.

“It’s an honor to assist Major League Baseball and the Tournament Committee’s efforts to improve the product on the field, and I thank Commander Manfred for asking me to be part of these important conversations,” Epstein said in a statement. A prepared statement “As the game evolves, we are all interested in making sure that the changes we see on the pitch make the game as fun and action-packed as possible for the fans. To be possible while preserving everything that makes baseball special. I look forward to working with interested people across the industry to help us get to the best version of our game overall.

There is yet to be an indication that this is a temporary post or a gateway to a more permanent position within the commission’s office, Epstein said when he stepped out of the Cubs and denied interest in the new baseball venture he hopes to spend with his family. More His status as a manager with the league will allow him to be involved in the game. But gives him more time at home It is assumed that, based on Epstein’s record, other clubs will come to claim in the future whether he is under contract or not – but his status as an advisor at least leaves the door open to return to the club’s front office in. Some time

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