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Mo Brooks Says Capitol Riot Case Caused Home Invasion

Alabama GOP representative Mo Brooks said he was finally served in a lawsuit in which Rep. Eric Swalwell allegedly helped incited the Capitol riots – but accused the Democratic team of breaking into his home.

Swalwell “Obviously trying to ‘find me’ to discuss Save America’s speech, you see me out! Good ol’ Patriots there!” Brooks said in a tweet on Friday.

“Guess libs don’t look that hard,” he added, along with a mock “wanted” poster marked with a red “found” sign.

He followed up with a tweet on Sunday in which he said: “Finally, Swalwell did his job. receive a complaint (To my wife) Horrible Swalwell̵

7;s team committed a crime by sneaking into my house and illegally accusing my wife!”

Brooks added: “Alabama Code 13A-7-2: criminal trespass, 1st year jail time. $6000 fine, more to come!”

A Brooks spokesman said MPs had filed a complaint with police about the incident.

“Swalwell’s process server entered Brooks’ home without Martha Brooks’ knowledge and without her consent,” representative Clay Mills told the Washington Post, referring to Brooks’ wife.

“He then refused to leave when Mrs Brooks demanded. There is video evidence The Brooks filed a police report,” added Mills, who did not share a copy of the video or police report.

Swalwell’s lawyer, Matthew Kaiser, told CNN Sunday night that private detectives left the documents with Brooks’ wife at their home.

Representative Eric Swalwell
“Nobody came in or even tried to enter Brooks’ house,” said attorney for representative Eric Swalwell.
U.S. Senate TV via REUTERS

Another Swalwell lawyer, Philip Andonian, denied Brooks’ allegations of trespassing.

“Nobody came in or even tried to enter the Brooks house. The allegations are not completely true. Process servers legally provide documentation about Mo Brooks’ wife as permitted by federal rules,” Andonian told the network.

“This is after her first attempt to avoid serving Mo Brooks, no one but himself is to blame for this. We asked him to give up his service. We offered to meet him at the place of his choice,” he said.

A scene from the Capitol riots.
The lawsuit alleges that Rep. Mo Brooks, along with former Presidents Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani, violated DC’s law by inciting a Jan. 6 riot.

“Instead of working like a civilized person He has been playing Twitter tricking kids for the past few days and continues to evade the service. He demanded that we serve him. We did that,” Andonian continued.

“It’s important to get complaints and Mo Brooks can now be held accountable for his role in inciting serious riots at the Capitol,” he added.

Swalwell’s legal team did not officially inform the court that Brooks had been served, according to CNN.

Representative Mo Brooks
Representative Mo Brooks reportedly filed a complaint with police for trespassing.

The lawsuit alleges that former President Donald Trump, his son Donald Trump Jr., former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and Brooks violated Washington, D.C. laws. This includes countering terrorism by “instigating” the January 6 riots – and they help and support the rioters and cause emotional distress to members of Congress.

former president his son and Giuliani which admitted to receiving the case Arguing their words did not cause bodily harm and were protected.

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