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Moderna and Uber join forces to drive coronavirus vaccine awareness

In unusual business ties, biotech modern (NASDAQ: MRNA) And the king of sharing Uber Technologies (NYSE: UBER) Are working together on a project to raise awareness of the coronavirus vaccine

According to a joint press release from the two companies, they will “work together initially to provide accessible and credible information on the safety of vaccines through Uber’s in-app messaging … [and] Works with public health and other organizations to find additional opportunities to support ongoing efforts to expand access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Car passengers who have been vaccinated

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Moderna has developed and marketed one of two coronavirus vaccines approved for emergency use (EUA) from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mRNA-1273; and Pfizer and BiotechBNT162b2 of BNT162b2 are distributed and managed throughout the country. Both launches were slow. Although it works only a little. But this new initiative is welcome.

In addition to raising awareness of the corona vaccine, Moderna and Uber are considering a more direct way to vaccinate Americans. These include scheduling Uber rides, booking appointments, vaccinations, among other measures.

In a press release, Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel said this is just the first time a collaboration for biotech.

“As part of our commitment to helping deal with COVID-19, Moderna will work with partners to educate, build trust and raise awareness of the importance of vaccination in the communities it receives. “We have been significantly affected by the outbreak,” Bancel said. He did not specify those partners.

Last month, Uber pledged 10 million free or discounted buses for people to get vaccinated. The initiative is aimed at serving people in disadvantaged communities.

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