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Moderna did not say that the mRNA vaccine changed the DNA of the recipient.

Claim: Moderna executive says the coronavirus vaccine alters DNA.

The United States has made a milestone with 50% of adults fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. But vaccination hesitancy, backed by misinformation and conspiracy – persists.

Facebook post on May 26 included a quote. But no sources claim that Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks said mRNA vaccines, such as Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine, would alter the DNA of recipients.Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have produced three vaccines that are approved for use in U.S.

Other posts from Instagram and Facebook claim the same and a link to an article with the headline “Bombshell: Moderna Chief Medical Officer accepts mRNA Alters DNA”


The Messenger RNA vaccine did not alter the DNA of the person receiving the vaccine, and Zaks did not make this claim.

USA TODAY has contacted the poster for comment.

Messenger vaccine does not change DNA. The article was not commented correctly.

The screenshots of the headline posts are from right-wing media Sons of Liberty.This article contains and references footage from the 2017 TED Talk featuring Zaks, but incorrectly depicts what he said during the event.

Here’s what Zaks said: “We’re really hacking the software of life. We think it’s an operating system, so if you can actually change it, if you can suggest a line of code or change a line of code, that’s it.” It has a profound meaning for everything. “

The article then draws its own conclusions based on Zaks’ comments.

“When ‘changing’ a line of code or ‘introducing’ a line of code (meaning DNA), ‘code’ or DNA is altered, meaning that a person or ‘subject’ has changed their genome into something ‘. Scientists have written code, ”the article said.

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This conclusion is incorrect, Zaks did not claim that the mRNA vaccine would change the DNA of the recipient during a TED Talk, he insisted on the contrary, during which he explained about the mRNA influenza vaccine.

A vaccine is an injection that we get. “A piece of a protein virus, and that will teach our immune system to recognize the virus,” he said. “Think, if instead of giving protein, we give advice on how to make protein – how the body will make the vaccine itself, that is, vaccines. mRNA “

As he is speaking, Zaks will show two images, one showing a traditional vaccine in which viral proteins are floating around the cell, and the other showing a mRNA vaccine that stimulates the cells to make proteins.

Moderna and Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine works in the same way as the mRNA diagram presented by Zaks.Both images introduce a small amount of the synthetic genetic code – mRNA, which contains instructions for the SARS-CoV-2 inhibitory protein.

Because mRNA is not the same as the DNA contained in the nucleus of a human cell, it cannot be combined to alter someone’s genes.When mRNA enters the cell, it stimulates the production of a disrupted protein, which itself cannot cause. Can cause disease Instead, it trains the immune system to make antibodies to it.

The mRNA breaks down shortly after vaccination and is absent in the body.

Our rating: False

We rate claims that Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer said that the mRNA vaccine changed DNA to FALSE because it was not funded by our research.The Messenger RNA vaccine did not alter the DNA of those who received the vaccine, and Zaks did not. This right

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