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More and more colleges and universities in the US want their students to get COVID-19 vaccination.

So far, at least 14 colleges say vaccinations are required, according to CNN counts, and that number is expected to rise.

Universities have been implementing vaccination policies since the end of March, when Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, became one of the first to say that getting all students vaccinated will help. It is possible in individual classes as well as other university activities.

“This update to health policy means that with limited exceptions, all students planning to attend the fall 2021 semester will be fully immunized,” said Jonathan Holloway. President Rutgers said, adding that evidence of vaccination was needed.

Rutgers faculty and staff were highly motivated to get vaccinated. But the statement did not say it was necessary for them.

Cornell, Brown, the University of Notre Dame, Northeastern, Syracuse University and Ithaca in New York and Fort Lewis College in Colorado have all announced the same, although all exceptions are made for medical or religious reasons.

This is what the university tells its students.

Cornell expects all members of the university community to be vaccinated in the spring or summer.

Persons who were unable to get vaccinated prior to their arrival at the university. “Immunizations are expected as soon as possible after arrival and Cornell is currently investigating methods to facilitate this process,” a statement from the university said.

Cornell has also created an online registration proof of COVID-19 vaccination tool to allow students and staff to register their vaccination status.

Brown University said in the announcement that it plans to revert to the schedule. It is “largely self-administered” as the fall semester begins and the COVID-19 vaccine will be required for all students who will be on campus.

“Our plan to loosen current restrictions on private activities for the fall of 2021 depends on achieving high levels of immunity among students and employees who will be on campus,” University President Christina Paxson said in a statement.

In a message sent to the university community on Thursday, Syracuse University said vaccines were needed for university faculty and staff before the fall 2021 semester.

Read these tips before getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Notre Dame will require all undergraduate, graduate and professional students to be vaccinated. But did not specify whether the faculty and staff were also required.

Ithaca College said in a statement Wednesday that the Covid-19 vaccine would allow the fall semester, which would “Similar to a” normal “epidemic, this greatly reduces the risk of infection to our campus communities.”

Northeast also plans to reopen it in the fall for all students to return and to bring all classes back into action on their own.

“We look forward to returning to regular stays, including one-on-one tutoring and regular stays in hostels and dining facilities,” said Ken Henderson, Chancellor and President of the United States. Senior Vice President of Northeastern Learning

Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, was one of the first schools to close campuses early in the coronavirus outbreak in March. Vaccination through an online portal

Two universities are now requiring staff to get vaccinated.

Two universities, St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, and Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Broward, Florida, are taking it a step further, requiring all students and staff at the university to be qualified. Vaccinated, saying they are responsible for the safe handling of learning. Environment for students, faculty and staff
“What the university values ​​during the COVID-19 epidemic remains on the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests atop the mountain,” St Edwards University said in a statement. “The university also recognizes that the community health standards operating at the summit have a greater impact on the Austin community.”

In the April 1 announcement, NSU said, “With additional protection from vaccination widely available, the NSU community will be able to resume activities and operations faster, leading to a more inclusive educational and professional experience. More participation “

Since the announcement, Florida Gov. Rondesantis has signed an executive order stating that the vaccine is available. But neither government agency nor business is required to use a vaccine passport.

On Thursday, NSU posted an update that it is now reviewing the executive order and its relevance to the vaccine requirements.

“The president’s office has also been heard by the NSU community over the past few days. Some have expressed support and others share your questions and concerns. More details are available for you within the next week. “A statement from the university said.

CNN’s Laura Ly, Rebekah Riess and Alta Spells contributed to this report.

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