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More promising looking QB trades for Steelers

When it comes to NFL defenders, they fit. Trying to rank potential defenders for the NFL draft in general terms is one thing. But in general, the rankings you see from NFL drafting experts can vary greatly. But each big board from the NFL team is highly specialized.

One thing we can say for sure, it feels like when the first round kicks off, you can see four defenders quickly drop off the board. The teams made the move towards the top of the first round and it’s safe to assume it was drafting one of the top signalers.

However, if these drafting experts were believed, the fifth in the draft could advance to the middle of the first round. Who is that fifth defender? It depends who you ask. At one point Alabama̵

7;s Mac Jones now looks like he is a draft and will be the third defender.

This made Ohio’s Justin Fields and North Dakota’s Trey Lance. What guy has missed out when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers? I will say no Both players have the skills ready to succeed in Matt Canada’s offensive game and will bring the Steelers’ offense to the present and being built for the future.

How far do steelers have to trade? Given the market, the No. 10 go-up should be accomplished and there is a precedent for a move like this by Pittsburgh when they identify the players they think they really want.

But I want to pass on the question to you if Fields or Lance drop out of the top five, would you like the Steelers to trade and draft them? Let us know in the comments.

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