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More than 30 lawmakers have called for ‘suspicious’ access to the Capitol Complex be investigated prior to violations.

WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) – More than 30 Democrats congressmen are calling for an investigation of what they believe to be a suspicious tour of the U.S. Capitol, citing visitors to the Capitol Complex. Tuesday appears to be “involved” with Wednesday’s rally. Prior to the violation of the Parliament building

Affiliate NewsNation PIX11 reported Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) on Facebook Live on Tuesday night accused an unidentified colleague of having a group wandering around the town hall on a “patrol for the next day.

On Wednesday, Cherrill, along with more than 30 other lawmakers, requested a formal investigation from the acting home sergeant, acting Senate sergeant and acting U.S. congressional police chief. In what they call Suspicious behavior and access Given to visitors to the Capitol Complex ”on Tuesday, the day before the complex was breached as Congress endorsed the college̵

7;s electoral vote for Joe Biden, the elected president and the elected vice president. Kamala Harris

According to a letter tweeted by Cherrill on Wednesday afternoon, she and other lawmakers noticed a tour that took place on Tuesday, Jan. 5. “What is evident and about the exits of the procedure that took place as of March 2020, which limits the number of visitors to the city hall,” the letter continued, saying the tour was “very concerning” they were reported to Sergeant. at Arms on Tuesdays

“The visitors whom some Congress members met in the letter appeared to be related to the next day’s White House rally,” the letter cited, in part, before stating, “Due to the events of Jan. 6, the relationship has been set for a while. Between Groups within the Capitol Complex and Capitol attacks need to be investigated. “

The letter concluded before raising several questions, “The truth remains that there are an unusually large crowds around City Hall with access to the Capitol Complex only from members of Congress or their staff.

No Republican lawmakers signed the letter calling for an investigation.

The letter did not provide any evidence of the allegations.

Read the full letter below:

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