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More than 30,000 Texas have died from the coronavirus. Dallas County posted 3,549 records.

Updated at 4:20 p.m.: Edited to include state-wide information

Dallas County reported 3,549 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday and 14 additional deaths.Meanwhile, the number of processes killed by the virus exceeded 30,000, according to state data.

Hospital visits both in Dallas County and across the state also set new highs, with the latter rising 14,000 for the first time.

Nine of the last Dallas County residents to die are living in Dallas: a woman in her 40s, three men and two women in the 60s, two men in the ̵

7;70s and a man in the’ 80s. The other are two Highland Park residents, a man in her 60s and a woman in her 70s, two Mesquite men in his 50s and 60s, and a DeSoto man in his 50s.

Authorities said all 14 had underlying health conditions that put them at a higher risk of complications from the virus.

County Judge Clay Jenkins said in a written statement that the North Texans were in “the toughest time for the COVID outbreak.” Spread to ensure that health care workers can vaccinate as quickly as possible.

“Activities that seemed safe to you weeks ago were much less secure now,” he said. “The work of securing and treating the COVID epidemic rests with all of you.”

Stephanie Collins, Parkland Memorial Hospital's occupational health director, prepared the COVID-19 vaccine at a press event last month.

There were 3,194 Dallas County’s previous daily highest new cases reported Saturday.

Of the new cases reported on Tuesday, 2,979 were confirmed and 570 were likely to be newly reported cases, bringing the county’s total confirmed cases to 197,359 and probable cases 25,276. Total 1,791 deaths from COVID-19.

The county said it was counting only positive antigen tests. (Sometimes called a rapid test) is a likely case. Previously, antibody and some “household” results were included.

Other North Texas counties provide estimates of the number of people who have recovered from the infection. But Dallas County officials did not notice that the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not use that metric.

Health workers used hospitalization, intensive care and emergency room visits as key indicators for monitoring the real-time effects of COVID-19 in the county over the 24 hours ended Monday with COVID cases. -19 record in the care of acute patients in district hospitals During the same period, 462 ER was visited to view symptoms of the disease.

State-wide information

Across the state, 26,052 more cases and 286 deaths from COVID-19 were reported Tuesday. Of the additional 25,301 cases were new and 751 were old, recently reported by the lab.

Texas now has 1,995,292 cases and 30,219 deaths.

Of the new cases, 22,110 confirmed cases and 3,191 possibilities were established.The state has reported 1,753,059 confirmed cases and a probability of 242,233.

There were a record high number of COVID-19 cases in Texas hospitals, including 4,158 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Monday, 25.7 percent of the patients in the hospital area covered the Dallas area. Fort Worth is a COVID-19 patient, according to the state dashboard.

The average 7-day sensitivity for the molecular test, based on the test sample collection date, was 18.4% as of Monday, state health officials said using data over the time people tested gave a precise positive rate. most

For the antigen test, the positive rate for the same period was 12.3%.

Doctors look at lung CT images at a hospital in Xiaogan, China.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County reported 1,817 coronavirus infections and 30 new deaths Tuesday.

Nine of the latest victims have lived in Fort Worth: two men and a woman in the 60s, two men in the 70s, three men in the ’80s and eight women in her’ 90s – from R. Lexington: A woman in her 60s, two men and women in their 70s, a man in the ’80s and two a man and a woman in the 90s.

The other victims were four Mansfield women, two in the 60s, one in the 70’s and one in the 90s, two North Richland Hills, a man in her 60s and a woman in her ’90s; Azle man in his 90s; Bedford women in her 90s; Burleson man in his 70s; Euless man in his 70s; The men of Haltom in his 70s; A richland Hills man in his 70s; And the white settlement in the 80’s

Health officials said all but one had a high-risk health condition.

The new reported cases put the county’s total to 180,794: 156,876 confirmed and 23,918 probable cases, 128,406 recoveries, the death toll is 1,762.

According to figures for Tuesday on the county panel, 1,469 people have been hospitalized for the virus.

Collin County

The state added 1,098 coronavirus cases and six new COVID-19 deaths to Collin County’s total on Tuesday. There are currently 58,968 cases and 428 deaths.

No details about the latest victim.

Of the new 692 cases confirmed and 406 likely, Collin County recorded 51,840 confirmed cases and 7,128 possible cases, according to state data.The county has recorded 45,846 recoveries.

The county’s coronavirus dashboard provides all hospitalizations, currently 561.

Denton County

Denton County reported 579 coronavirus cases, 542 of which were active on Tuesday.

No new deaths were reported, keeping the county at 237.

The new reported cases bring the county’s total to 44,158, including 13,495 still running and 30,426 recovering. They also increased all molecular cases to 35,964 and antigen cases to 8,194.

There were 222 cases of COVID-19 in hospitals, the county reported.

Other counties

The Texas Department of Health has taken over reporting controls for these other North Texas counties. In some counties, new information may not be reported daily.

The latest figures include:

  • Rockwall County: 7,782 (6,517 confirmed and 1,265 probable), 61 deaths.
  • Kaufman County: 10,975 (9,581 confirmed and 1,394 probable) 144 deaths.
  • Ellis County: 15,676 (13,833 confirmed and 1,843 probable) 187 deaths.
  • Johnson County: 13,401 (11,941 confirmed and likely 1,460), 187 deaths.

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