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More than 90 German police were injured in the May riots.

BERLIN (AP) – At least 93 police officers were injured and 354 protesters were detained after a traditional May rally in Berlin turned violent, the city’s top security guard said on Sunday.

More than 20 different gatherings took place in the German capital on Saturday, and most have been in peace. However, 8,000 leftist marches through the city’s Neukoelln and Kreuzberg districts, where clashes over the past decade have turned violent. Protesters threw bottles and stones at officers and burned trash and wooden pallets along the road.

“Violence against police and blind fury have nothing to do with political protests,”

; Berlin Interior Minister Andreas Geisel said.

Geisel condemned the throwing of bottles and rocks, the burning of roadblocks and especially the violence against police.

“So many wounded officers have shocked me. I urge everyone injured on duty to recover quickly, ”he said.

There is a curfew every night in most areas of Germany due to the large number of coronavirus infections. But political protests and religious gatherings will be exempt from the curfew.

In France, May Day demonstrations in Paris and the southern city of Lyon were destroyed in scattered violence, with rioters targeting small groups of violent protesters throwing missiles and Police have arrested 56 times – 46 in Paris, the interior ministry said on Sunday. It said six officers were injured, three in Paris.

The CGT labor union organizing the march in Paris said the violent protesters had targeted the demonstrators at the end of the rally by gunfire, attacks and abusive sexism and Racist The union said 21 participants were seriously injured, four of them.

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