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Morgan Wallen said he quit returning to the stage to work on a self-imposed schedule.

On Tuesday, country music star Morgan Wallen made an appearance on Instagram after two months to let fans know he will not perform this summer by spending time on. Continue my work

“I want to let you know that …[I] It felt like I was really working on myself. I am proud of the work I have done and in many ways I am grateful for the time to do it. I will always strive to become better, ”Wallen wrote. But expose me to the methods that I want to improve. But it also reminds me that I am still proud of who I am and who I am about to become. ”

In his four-page note, which has been liked more than 570,000 times, Wallen added that while his time outside the spotlight was “very valuable”

; to him, “in many ways” he felt. That he wants more. “So [I] It won’t be performing this summer, ”he explains,“ meaning I won’t be playing any festivals or tour dates. But the main thing for me personally, if you can, still go to these shows – support country music. Country music is back and that’s a beautiful thing. ”

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The latter comments refer to Wallen’s tour being set to be a part of before he found himself at the center of two controversies.

The bottom line happened on February 2 when TMZ released a video showing the singer-songwriter using the N word in conversation with friends, the result of Wallen’s latest effort. Dangerous: The Double AlbumMake a lasting impression by staying at the top of the Billboard 200 for 10 weeks in a row. But the use of his words was not in vain. After that incident, Wallen’s music was removed from SiriusXM Satellite Radio and iHeartRadio and many other stations, along with Apple Music and Pandora.Upon seeing his presence removed from the CMT and Country Music Association platforms, Wallen has. The recording contract with Big Loud record label was also suspended indefinitely. Double album Not eligible to compete at the 56th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.

While Wallen released a video of apology on February 10, he found himself at the center of the controversy in October of last year. A week before the schedule appeared on the date. Saturday Night Live The TikTok video emerged from the singer-songwriter at a party at the Alabama bar, violating the social deviation guidelines delivered by both Alabama and the state of Alabama. SNL Producer in this case Wallen sees him. SNL Postponed the debut to appear on a late night sketch show as a musical guest on December 5.

“2020… Man is a difficult year for many. For me, my tough year has come to 2021,” Wallen continued in his Instagram post. “I made a mistake. I missed it. I got those out and I apologize because I truly regret it and made corrections.

The artist is currently in Nashville “back in the swing of things,” and while there is no mention of when Wallen will be back on stage, he insists fans, “You’ll see. I’m faster than this. “

Before his rise to the stratosphere of country star Wallen starred in season 6 of sound.

Check out his message below.

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