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MSNBC parody in three minutes about Biden ‘definitely going to town’ on ice cream

The media’s intense interest in President Biden’s fondness for ice cream did not end on Thursday afternoon.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi led his show with a three-minute narrative that evening about Biden’s history of love for keeping cool.

As part of Biden̵

7;s coverage of eating a chocolate chip ice cream cone during a trip to Ohio on Thursday, MSNBC released a photo of Biden at the 1993 congressional ice cream fair.

Press release to cover BIDEN ICE CREAM PIT STOP coverage: ‘Our media is so embarrassing’

“It’s a senator’s dream come true,” Welche said of Biden. who is a US senator from Delaware.

“This is probably the most Joe Biden thing I’ve ever seen,” he added lovingly on the frozen frame of Biden who ate buffalo at the time. “Delaware Senator Joe Biden on a hill job gently ribs his Senate colleague before going to town on an ice cream cone … fixed one. [in his career] Well, Joe Biden really likes ice cream. He literally talks about it all the time.”

No matter the crisis on his desk, Velshi said, “Put that person into a cone.”

The network then aired footage of Biden falling on Thursday as he answered questions about anti-Republicanism to the Capitol Riot Investigation Commission on Jan. 6. The “tense” and “toxic” news from Washington on the ballot followed him to “Sweet little ice cream shop”

The audience was not impressed with the exhilarating parts.

A reporter reported on Biden during his trip on Thursday. He’s also eager to talk about his love of ice cream.


Biden was not asked on Thursday about the New York Post’s report that he dined with his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business associate while serving as vice president. Nor did it call for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus in China after the media widely rejected the lab leak hypothesis as a collusion theory.

Velshi has yet to mention the latest developments with Hunter Biden on the show.

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