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My family’s global vaccine journey

On February 22, Mom sent a message that she and her father had made an appointment on March 11 to take a first shot, followed by a second drug in April. The next day, she reported that the father had not pressed a button to confirm the appointment in the online booking system and lost the channel.

The following week, they sent another message: They walked to a private clinic that was prescribing Sinovac.After a short wait, they got the vaccine on April 2.They told us they had a second Sinovac. And feel fine The mother complained that even though they had an appointment, they “still have to wait half an hour.”

Our answer was more enthusiastic.

“Good news,” I wrote.

“Yeah!” Pui-Ying sent a message, followed by a celebration emoji.

“Congratulations!” Said Pui Ling.

Pui-Ying moved with his family to Malawi in 2016 to work as a physician and conduct clinical research on children’s health. Resources at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where she works are limited, when Madonna’s charity helps fund the building of a new baby wing at the hospital, which opened in 2017, was big news.

Pui-Ying said officials remained tight even before the coronavirus outbreak. When the outbreak arrived, the hospital decided to halt a week-to-week routine to reduce staff exposure to COVID-19 while ensuring that enough medical professionals were available at all times. Shortage of masks, gloves and other protective equipment.

In the field of pediatrics, Pui-Ying and colleagues created a “respiratory zone” for children with COVID-19.It’s basically a two-room ward, with about a dozen beds in the main room. The second room, which is a separate room, has space for four children.

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