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Myanmar’s ambassador to the United Kingdom was banned from the London embassy

LONDON – Myanmar’s ambassador to Britain, Kyaw Zwar Minn, was banned from his own embassy on Wednesday, apparently in response to criticism of the country’s military, which seized power in February and counting. Since the start of a bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters

In a statement, the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office said it had “Find out more” after the incident, which attracted a small number of protesters outside the Myanmar embassy in London.

“I’m locked up,”

; the ambassador told Reuters, calling the action of a diplomatic colleague preventing him from entering the building a “coup in central London”.

Diplomatic sources confirmed he was not exempt from the embassy and British media reports said Chitwin, deputy building ambassador to the building, was aided by the military.

Last month, Kyaw Zwar Minn destroyed Myanmar’s military rulership by issuing a statement calling for the release of detained civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Myin. Respond and respond to the present impoverishment, “he wrote in a comment available on the embassy website on Wednesday night.

Myanmar’s state spokesman later said Kyaw Zwar Minn would be recalled for making unauthorized announcements. But Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Garab praised his “courage and patriotism for standing up for the right”.

“We join his call to immediately release Aung San Suu Kyi and President Win Mint and to return to democratic rule,” added Raab.

The US and British governments have announced financial sanctions on Myanmar’s military leaders and calls for the restoration of democracy. During the suppression of bloody protests by civilians

Since February, thousands have been injured and more than 550 have died in demonstrations, including several youth protesters.

Kyaw Zwar Minn was not the first Myanmar diplomat to raise concerns about the military seizure. In February, Kyaw Moe Tun, the country’s ambassador to the United Nations, criticized the country’s military rulers for the role of the United Nations General Assembly. The Burmese government said he was no longer a representative of the country.

On Wednesday, London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed that protests were taking place outside the Myanmar embassy and that officers were at the scene to maintain order. But said there were no arrests.

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