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MyHeritage’s ‘Deep Nostalgia’ technology brings old photos to new life.

One of the big companies in the family history industry has developed a new technology that transforms still images into moving images.

People are now using MyHeritage’s “Deep Nostalgia” photo animator feature to bring all sorts of historical photographs to life.

MyHeritage launched Deep Nostalgia last week at RootsTech Connect, the world’s largest family history conference.

“Do you sometimes wonder how your ancestors move, smile, and look in real life? Now you can see your ancestors from many generations of the past like never before! ”MyHeritage blog post, February 25,“ New additions to our photo toolkit create a look that looks like it has never been so easy. It̵

7;s true how people from old photos can move and see if they were taken in the video. ”

This feature helps some people to feel a deeper relationship with their loved ones lost.

One person tweeted, “My mom died of cancer in 2017 … I have never had a happy video of her. This is a picture of her as a smiling teenager. I didn’t cry or cry or anything. “

Another person identified as “Nearlyknowledgablehistory,” tweeted a photo of their grandfather as a young man in military uniform with the message, “It was so strange to see him come to life – I never met my grandfather. But I had imagined a young soldier. Standing smiling at the door of the house before I fell asleep. “

Ever since the announcement, Deep Nostalgia has been popular as people use social media to share moving photos of famous people and art such as Mona Lisa, Ludwig van Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Oscar Wilde, Nicola Tesla. And Albert Einstein using the hashtags #DeepNostalgia and #MyHeritage.

There are four steps to using Deep Nostalgia:

  1. Download the MyHeritage app using iOS or Android.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Upload the image you want to animate.
  4. Tap on the image and then tap on the animation icon. After waiting for a while, you can download it and share it with your friends.

For more information on Deep Nostalgia, visit MyHeritage.com.

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