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NASA Administrator on UFO Report: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Alone’

NASA Administrator Bill NelsonClarence (Bill) William NelsonEquilibrium/Sustainability – Featured By NextEra Energy – NASA Head Doesn’t Think Humans ‘Lonely’ In NASA Administrator In Cosmic UFO Report: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Alone’ Supreme Court Battle Could wreak havoc on Biden̵

7;s 2020 agenda further. On Sunday (23), he did not think that any person on earth “alone” in the universe after US intelligence reports that disclosed that the US government More than 140 unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) have been found, commonly known as UFOs.

An unclassified intelligence report on Friday. It said the US government had found 144 UAPs since 2004, one of which was identified with high confidence. while other items still a mystery

The 9-page nonclassified assessment offers several possible explanations for the encounter. This includes clutter in the air. natural atmospheric phenomenon US government top secret program and foreign adversary systems

However, it also presents “all caught ‘other’ bins” as an additional explanation.

Nelson, who examines the unclassified and classified report. Said he believed that the world was not alone in the galaxy.

“Are we alone? personally I don’t think we are,” Nelson said during an interview with CNN.

“The universe is huge, 13 1/2 billion years ago when the universe began. it’s quite big But people are hungry for this kind of information. And we will continue the search,” he added.

He said this report “Basically speaking what we think” refers to Navy pilots who have reported UAP sightings.

“We don’t know the answer to what Navy pilots saw. Now they know they saw something. they follow it They lock their radar. they follow it It will move quickly from place to place. And what the report tells us is public is that there have been more than 140 of these sightings,” said Nelson, a former US senator from Florida.

He added that UAP sightings by Navy pilots “Probably not aliens,” and it could be new technology given by hostile nations.

Nelson said that if the latter “We should be worried.”

He said the United States didn’t think other countries had the ability to create flying objects, but warned that “the universe is huge.”

“We didn’t think so. But when talking about the universe Remember that the universe is huge. We have a project in NASA called Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. but until now We are not communicated by intelligent things,” Nelson said.

The assessment comes after lawmakers put requirements for the report into last year’s intelligence-licensing bill. After UFO sightings soared by US military pilots

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