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NASA announces Mars Lander InSight dug mole dead

The mole team InSight bravely tried to save the mole by pressing it with the earthman’s lap But in the end it cannot be dug into Mars.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

for All the machines intertwined with Mars And finally lost. Goodbye chanceGodspeed, Beagle 2. We hardly know you. SchiaparelliAnd now we have to say goodbye to the “mole” part of NASA’s InSight landing mission.

The walkers themselves are well and in good health and are still studying. marsquakesBut the mole’s attempts to dig into the Red Planet were hampered by every step of the way. On Thursday, NASA announced the end of the mole’s voyage.

The mole is a dugout of a series of manned heat flow and physical properties (HP3), a tool designed to dig deeper and take the Martian internal temperature just as doctors do physical examination. Mars is not a willing patient.

InSight landed in late 2018 and we have been following mole experiments and travails since it first started in early 2019.The mole, built by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), behaves like a little piling machine used. Hammering movement to descend But Mars didn’t have it. The mole continued to retreat from its hole. Instead of digging into

“We give everything we have. But Mars and our hero mole are still incompatible, ”said HP3 principal investigator Tilman Spohn.“ Fortunately, we’ve learned a lot that will benefit future missions trying to dig below the surface. ”

NASA and DLR have tried every trick, from pressing the mole with InSight’s arm to shoveling the soil onto it. The mole team made one last attempt to get the ground over this past weekend. But the unexpected soil properties in the InSight landing site once again proved too much for it. The clumpy surface of the soil means that the mole cannot bear enough friction to dig.

Now is the time to congratulate Moles, her team and their wit on their mission. Scientists have learned about the soil in this area of ​​Mars and have developed new and sophisticated methods for using InSight’s robotic arm. This knowledge will be used in future Mars exploration missions.

It’s been a bitter week for NASA and the Lander Mars InSight team, but the good news is. NASA officially expands InSight’s science mission Until December 2022, the mole is dead, InSight live.

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