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NASA finally let Perseverance stretch his arms and do some work.


‘He’ll kill me!’: Woman, allegedly escaping Captor’s car, gets help from gas station attendant

A Florida man is on the run from law enforcement after a woman is strapped by a wire allegedly jumped out of a car as he fills up gas at a gas station.Cody Jackson, 32, was wanted by authorities for assault. And kidnapped a woman in Seffner, Texas on Sunday, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff̵

7;s Office. Jackson pulled up at the Citigo gas station in Inverness and, as he was headed into the shop, the victim, allegedly detained in his Mitsubishi Eclipse, tried to escape the car. A gas station worker later rescued a woman. “He saw the girl he had tied up in the car escaping, and he started running out the door,” Rachel Craddock told WTVT. At the door you’re running to my private door that locks you Fighting with it and saying ‘Help me, help me, help me, help me, he’ll kill me, he’s over there, he’s there!’ And then I hurried up to open the door and pulled you in, and I locked the door.[There were] The cord was around her arm and she had bloody hair, and all I could think of was she could safely enter the shop with me, ”Craddock also told the Cody Jackson store. Picture: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Jackson, then, was accused of fling to the vehicle. He was driving, being treated by law enforcement near US Route 41 in Tampa.The woman was treated for injuries at Citrus Memorial Hospital.She knew Jackson about a year before the attack, according to the WFLA. -TV Jackson has been In an argument with the victim around 11am that day, detectives said he was accused of later arresting her with a stick on the head and forcing her into his Mitsubishi and starting to drive. Accused of stopping to wrap the woman’s limbs With extension cord “[He] Threw me to the floor and started choking me and punched me in the face and pulled me into the house, ”a woman not identified as being involved in safety told WFLA-TV. Then he picked up the wire and tried to wrap it around me. But i stopped it But he threw me on the floor again, and I choked with his hands again. ”The woman said she later jumped out of Jackson’s car and started bumping into the windows of the Citgo gas station. She didn’t know what to do for me, ”she said, referring to the gas station attendant.“ The door was locked and I said it said let me in … She didn’t know what to do at first. She was a little shocked, and then she realized what was going on. ”Investigators explained that the botched kidnapping was a” dangerous act “. “Set a target.” “The man’s actions are condemnation,” Sheriff Chad Cronister said in a statement. “He is threatening this victim’s life and could end in tragedy if the victim is unable to escape. time This attack was targeted. However, given Jackson’s violent behavior, we urge everyone who contacts him to call us immediately. “Jackson may be armed and dangerous, according to the authorities.” Please do not engage with suspects. Cronister added, Jackson said. Still large on Thursday morning, a spokesman for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment further on the case.Jackson was about 5 feet tall, 9 inches tall and weighed 165 pounds. Several tattoos, including belly tattoos. An area labeled “purebred”, he has a number of criminal records in Hillsborough County dating back to 2005, 2020 court records Jackson was accused of arming a kitchen knife and stealing a saloon. BMW from a woman with whom he has children, according to a criminal complaint received from Oxygen.com, he pleaded guilty to major motor vehicle theft charges.He was also found guilty of possession of a controlled substance in another case last year. Earlier Jackson’s past arrests included driving under the influence causing bodily injury, burglary, major robbery. Armed Intrusion and Stolen Property Management Additional Court Filings Anyone with information related to Jackson’s whereabouts are asked to contact Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200.

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