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NASA Mars Perseverance rover takes charming ‘face’ selfies

Percy Head

Effortless efforts break this “head” view on April 6.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

Mars rover is a machine But it’s hard not to turn humans into humans and give them cute nicknames, such as “Percy” and “Oppy”. NASA’s Perseverance rover recently sent back a charming selfie-style photo showing its “face”.

NASA’s latest rover all has a mast with a toolkit on top, thought to be the rover’s “head”. The mast-mounted camera gives us an exciting view of the surface of Mars. Perseverance’s new photograph is equivalent to looking a rover in the “eye”.

A header selfie image courtesy of the Sherloc Watson camera mounted on the rover’s robotic arm, photographed Tuesday. It is reminiscent of files A similar headshot selfie taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover in 2018..

Space fans returning to Earth are also looking forward to the first official full-body selfie. We are beautiful Panorama at the rover show in late February.

Persistence arrived to Mars in mid-February and there was a lot of activity, including landscape photography. Drive a Trial Ingenuity helicopter and Interesting stone hit with a laserThe rover’s next big success is watching it brilliance in its first test flight later this month. Expect more exciting pictures.

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