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NASA Stops Everywhere to Repair the Hubble Space Telescope

The iconic Hubble Space Telescope is still inoperable at this time. However, NASA cautions fans that all science instruments and spacecraft are in perfect working order. The problem is that the 80’s computers responsible for the spacecraft’s operations experienced serious problems that prevented them from exiting safe mode. NASA is still diagnosing problems with the payload computers. and announced that it had completed another series of tests on June 23 and 24.

Hubble’s payload computers have been down since June 13, and the failing computers forced the spacecraft to stop collecting science data. There are two payload computers on board the spacecraft. One of them acts as a backup device. Both are in the Science Instruments and Command and Data Management units. NASA said the tests performed June 23 and 24 included turning on the backup computer for the first time since Hubble was in space.

Unfortunately for NASA during testing. Engineers used a combination of hardware components from both the primary and secondary computers. And they all encountered the same error. Any commands telling Hubble to write or read from memory would fail. NASA said it was highly unlikely that each component of the payload computer had a problem. And the team is investigating other hardware. to find out the possible cause

Engineer examining HQ/Science Data Formatter This is another module in the Scientific Instruments and Command and Data Management unit. The NASA team is checking the power controller to see if the voltage supplied to the hardware is out of parameters. Researchers believe that if the voltage exceeds the limit It could cause problems they noticed. NASA said the team will continue to assess the hardware to determine if anything else could be causing problems next week. The team can recommend switching to backup command/data science formatter. to see if it helps alleviate the problem.

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