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NASA’s rocket launch could cause a ‘glow phenomenon’ into the Florida sky tonight.

Orlando, Florida – People along the East Coast and Bermuda may be in attendance Wednesday evening as NASA attempted to launch a KiNET-X sounding rocket.

Wednesday marks the fifth attempt to launch a rocket from a Wallops Island facility in Virginia. The launch has been interrupted four nights in a row due to weather conditions.

Another attempt took place at 8:06 PM, with a 40-minute activation window.

What sets this launch apart from what Central Floridians are used to on the Space Coast is that the rocket will be released to trace the vapor up into the atmosphere to study the wind.

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The materials that make up the vapor trap are the same materials that make fireworks come in color. All materials are harmless to us.

While Bermuda will have the best seat in the house to see the multicolor vapor detector, Central Florida has a chance to see the display as well.

Looks as far east as possible on the horizon, 90 seconds to two minutes after a rocket launched from Wallops Island, Virginia. Follower can be seen from Maine to central Florida and as far as the Mississippi River.

If weather interrupts the re-launch, backups will run until May 16.

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